New Website Features College Professors Exclusively as Online Tutors

New Website Features College Professors Exclusively as Online Tutors

Founder Dean Scaros  announced today the introduction of a website that enables college students to find and engage college professors for one-on-one online tutoring.

Dr. Scaros, a former college professor himself said, “Personal gives college students access to professors far beyond their own campus. It erases traditional boundaries and expands students’ choices for learning and academic enrichment.”

The professors affiliated with the site at its introduction are qualified to teach 25 college-level subject categories such as, chemistry, physics and philosophy and over 200 specialized sub-categories such as, quantum mechanics and existentialism. “As colleges take on more and more students, economies of scale don’t seem to apply,” Scaros remarked. “Lecture halls are crowded, professors seem overworked.  But at Personal no matter how many students are served, it will always be about individualized instruction.”

Students find their best match of professor-tutors by means of Prof-Select  a customized selection process developed exclusively for Students enter their desired subject and area of focus and view professors’ profiles and available hours. They can then book a session with a click of the mouse and engage with the professor via Skype or Google Hangouts.

Students seeking tutoring and professors seeking to participate as Personal Professors are invited to visit or call 1-800-485-4260 to learn more.


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