Need Money for College? Learn About Types of Scholarships Available

Need Money for College? Learn About Types of Scholarships Available

The number of students looking for scholarships has increased dramatically lately because of the cost of college tuition. This type of grants are helpful because they can cover expenses, tuition and housing. They can either be offered by schools, given as a sponsorship by a corporation or endowed by the student. While some are based on needs, others are given just for the academic performances of the student.

The most popular and common type of scholarships are the ones that are given by the university. Of course, the students who want can also apply to all the scholarships that they can find and suit their needs. Academic and leadership scholarships are two of the scholarships that are given by colleges.

The leadership scholarship is given for those students who participate in extra-curricular and school activities, and of course, for academic results. In this case, one can include the participation in clubs, volunteering, church activities, etc. The academic scholarships, on the other hand, consider the student’s record as primordial requirement.

In this category we can include books or housing awards. In this case, the scholarships are given in order to cover the costs of purchasing books and living in a dorm. Schools can also receive scholarships for majoring in different disciplines.

Those scholarships that are sponsored or endowed can have particular requirements for those who want to participate in the selection. Those who are known under the name of “need-based” can require a special financial need, and others require the student to belong to a special gender or ethnic group. All students around the world can receive these awards, therefore the competition is pretty high. Making a scrapbook with their achievements can help students with their chances in obtaining the scholarships.


There are scholarships that require students to write essays on a given topic. This essay, together with various other requirements, can determine the winner of the award, and they are most often sponsored by business or civic organizations.

Full Ride

This is the most popular type of scholarship. While most of the awards pay some of the tuition and housing, they don’t cover the entire amount required by a student, even if they can be renewed annually. But the full ride scholarship pays the entire tuition, housing and fees. This is the reason why so many students want this scholarship – because it would save them from having to depend on student loans.

But as it happens with most good things, they are hard to get and their number is significantly smaller than in other cases. The student has to have impeccable academic results, a great leadership resume and letters of recommendations.

In the process of searching for scholarships it is recommended that a student consults his guidance counselor and do some online search. There are scholarships that aren’t very popular, but which can offer great awards for those who make an effort. Another great idea would be consulting scholarship hunters who have experience in finding scholarships and know how to guide the students towards success.

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