Navigating Financial Aid

Now that you’ve  clicked submit on your applications, don’t think that your work is done! The next step in your college application process is to apply for financial aid. You could be eligible for a variety of methods of financial support from both the federal government and the schools to which you’re applying.  No matter the level of financial support you think you’ll need to attend college (a little or a lot!), applying for financial aid is hugely important.

Figuring out how to apply for financial aid at any college or university can be challenging. All those acronyms–CSS Profile, FAFSA, EFC–deadlines and documents can be tough to keep straight, especially if you’re applying to several schools.

To help students and their families, better navigate the financial aid process, NYU will be hosting a Financial Aid Information Session this Saturday, January 10th.  The sessions will be open to current high school seniors who plan to attend college in the fall.    Colleagues from the NYU Office of Financial Aid will help students and families navigate the often complex financial aid process and provide tips and strategies for successfully applying for financial aid. There is still time to register though space is limited.  I hope to see you there! — Crystal Artis, NYU Admissions


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