Must-Read Advice From College Student About Transitioning Into College

Must-Read Advice From College Student About Transitioning Into College

Transitioning into college is a hectic, exciting, and nerve-wracking time for anyone. For me, going to a university that made that transition smoother made all the difference.

I just finished my freshman year at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. I am a mass communications major, with a minor in marketing. As an outgoing individual, moving from my hometown just an hour away, I think my transition was definitely easier than it was for some of my peers, but I definitely remember being anxious that first weekend I arrived on campus.

SIUE’s Freshman First Night was the perfect event to help with the transition. Hosted in the Meridian Ballroom, the evening involved an illuminated photo booth, tie-dyeing, a live DJ, and lots of food provided by dining services. Most importantly, however, I got the chance to meet my peers and form friendships right away.

Dining did an awesome job catering the event. It showed that they cared about their students, and that impression has lasted since.

In the spring, Dining Services hosted its annual “Taste of SIUE” Food Show. The event is put on each year to host vendors that are interested in selling their products at SIUE. Dining gives each student a survey in an effort to receive feedback on what products they would like to see offered on campus.
Many of those surveys showed that students want more gluten-free options, which Dining has already started introducing through their “Gluten-Free Zone.” Each Wednesday, they feature a fully-cooked gluten-free meal, and they always sell gluten-free breads, chips, and other items at the station.

I’ve only been at SIUE for a short year, but I have already seen so much progression.

At my orientation, the convenience store on campus, Union Station, was a cramped, dimly lit area above the Goshen Lounge. Just two months later, when I returned for the school year, it was located right next to the Goshen Lounge and had a much more modern, spacious, and organized look.
It is exciting to look back on all of this and look forward to the progression I will be here to see. SIUE has been a wonderful college experience for me this far, and I know it will continue to be for the next three years I am here, and for decades after that.

By Laura Wilmes

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