MBA Thesis: 7 Expert Tips to Rapid Writing the Most Important Graduate Paper

statement of purpose for MBA

An integral part of many graduate programs is research. At the master’s level, having to write a thesis can be intimidating. When you don’t feel like you are pressed for time, you have to contend with writer’s block.

You may have produced a winning statement of purpose for MBA. It could also have been an exciting experience for you. However, writing an MBA thesis is a unique experience, especially if it’s the first time you are producing a long, written copy.

You not only need to do extensive research, peruse through relevant material, but you need to present your findings in written form. So, when you don’t feel like writing or are stressed by the looming deadline, here’s what you need to add a few more written pages to your research.

Expert Tips to Rapid Writing a Thesis Paper

1. Set Realistic Goals

Set aside time to write every day. Put more emphasis on the results and not the time spent. It should be the basis of your goals, too.

Try to write a certain number of pages. Alternatively, you can set a realistic goal such as creating a table. When you finally sit down to write, focus on the now. Don’t try to make up for lost times.

It may result in a piece of poor quality, and in the worst case, burnout. You don’t want to experience, the latter.

2. Start with the Easy Sections

Many of us have trained ourselves to create any written material from the Introduction to the conclusion. After brainstorming suitable marketingthesistopics, to pick up momentum in your writing, save the Abstract and Introduction for later.

You don’t have to write the chapters in order. The essential thing is to ensure your content has a logical flow. The methods section is often the easiest, followed by the Results of one’s findings.

So, start with the most comfortable section.

3. Leave Editing and Styling for Later

Don’t place much value in your first draft. You can always edit it to your satisfaction, once you have all the essential arguments for your MBAthesis, written down. Therefore, it’s vital to put as many ideas as you can on the paper, first.

4. Take Breaks

You deserve it. Set aside time to recharge and rest. Doing so will help you stay focused and motivated throughout the process. It needs to be time away from your desk and computer.

Take a walk, exercise, or eat away from your desk.

How to write your Thesis when you don’t feel like it

5. Break the tasks into small increments

Setting big goals and not developing practical steps of achieving them, could lead to disappointment. It also applies to the allocation of time to work on your material. Break down your goals into small and achievable ones.

Each accomplishment you make will boost your motivation. Which impacts your progress.

6. Just Write

There will be times when you will stare at a blank page, and have nothing to put down. Coupled with the looming deadline, this could be a crippling feeling. Don’t worry.

Try free writing. Here, you just put words on paper. They don’t have to make any sense at all. Once done, chances are high you will have something tangible to put on your thesis.

7. Set up a Routine

You may be stressed out by the thought of having to start writing. If so, a routine will kick start your momentum. Have a dedicated area for writing your research. Whenever possible, plan your next writing session, before the actual time allocated for it.

Final Take on MBA Thesis Writing

You don’t have to write only when inspiration strikes. Sometimes it doesn’t. Allow your first draft to be disorganized and messy. After all, you can always edit what you have written, not what you don’t have on paper.

Also, remember, to reward yourself for the goals that you reach. It will keep you motivated.

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