Mascot Bracket: Willie the Wildcat versus Buzz from Georgia Tech

Mascot Bracket: Willie the Wildcat versus Buzz from Georgia Tech

Willie the Wildcat is the mascot for Kansas State.

Willie the Wildcat is the official mascot for the Kansas State University Wildcats. In 1989, the Powercat logo was introduced by football coach Bill Snyder, wanting a new logo for his team. Tom Bookwalter, a Kansas native and K-State art professor, created the logo. In 1997, the current “21st Century” Willie was created. Willie has gray fur, with two white stripes to resemble the Powercat logo. This head weighs five pounds. Willie can be seen at various K-State sporting events, often dressed as an athlete. The student inside the mascot costume (whose identity is kept secret) changes every few years, and the persona of Willie has remained the same throughout. Willie has been known to crowd surf and he also does one push-up for each point on the board for K-State when the Wildcats score a touchdown or make a field goal. Watch Kansas State college video tour here!




Buzz is the mascot for Georgia Tech.

Buzz is one of the two official mascots of the Georgia Institute of Technology. Buzz is usually represented as a stylized yellowjacket with yellow-and-black fur, white wings, a yellow head, and antennae. He is almost never drawn with six legs, but rather with arms, legs, hands (in white gloves) and feet (in black Converse high tops), like a human. Invented in 1972 and reinvented in 1979, Buzz reflects the tradition of referring to Georgia Tech students as “Yellow Jackets.” Buzz is also one of Georgia Tech’s emblems and trademarks, one that they defended in a 1998 legal conflict with the Salt Lake Buzz. Like many mascots, Buzz communicates via hand gestures and sign language, rather than speech. At some school events, there are a few people who dress up as Buzz. The identities of these individuals must be kept secret until their graduation. They must be in excellent physical condition, about 5’4″ tall, and must be able to do a front “suicide” flip called a Buzz Flip, Buzz’s trademark move. Those interested in donning the Buzz suit must take part in a two-day tryout, judged by the former Buzz. Buzz is officially part of Georgia Tech’s cheerleading team, so the Buzz tryout happens at the same time as the other cheerleading tryouts. Watch Georgia Tech college video tour here!


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