Make it Count: Get the Most out of the End of the Semester!

Make it Count: Get the Most out of the End of the Semester!

With the end of the semester swiftly approaching, students everywhere are scrambling to get in last minute extra credit and finalize plans for the upcoming break. Fortunately, there are tools and resources available to help students make the most of this important time. Below we have compiled several of the most overlooked strategies to help get an end-of-semester boost.

1. Digital Learning Tools: utilizing digital resources is one of the easiest and most effective ways for students to step up classroom performance. Platforms, such as Cengage Learning’s MindTap, are specifically designed to customize to each student’s unique learning style helping improve time management, raise grades and increase student success. Digital learning tools use a combination of reading, multimedia, activities and assessments, to engage users and maximize understanding and retention. Students who have integrated digital tools into their learning have reported significant improvement in their grades and higher levels of engagement in their course work.

2. e-Portfolios: with the market for internships and jobs becoming more competitive, it is critical for students to differentiate themselves among other candidates and show potential employers tangible examples of the skills and knowledge they possess. To help students put their best foot forward, offerings like Pathbrite, a portfolio learning platform, can help students package their accomplishments in a seamless and organized way in order to best highlight their soft skills and practical experiences. Presenting potential employers with a comprehensive demonstration of skills and accomplishments will give students the competitive edge to secure the top positions in their fields. As a bonus, any students using Cengage Learning digital solutions have free access to Pathbrite’s complete online portfolio platform.

3. Top-Notch Study Materials: whether it is flashcards, study guides or pop quizzes, study materials are a key part to successful studying. Unfortunately, for many students note taking and developing study materials can be a major challenge. Luckily, online marketplaces like make it possible for students to access high quality, course-specific study materials written by their peers. This allows students to maximize engagement and understanding- with 94% of students reporting improved grades! Even better, Flashnotes works with faculty and institutions to be sure content is accurate and fits school guidelines.

4. Peer Tutors: Peer-to-peer learning is one of the most helpful ways to boost engagement and retention in the classroom. Oftentimes, another student can explain a challenging concept or idea in a different way from a professor that makes it easier to understand or retain. With most schools offering free peer tutoring resources, students have access to support and advice from students who have already mastered the material. Utilizing tutoring resources, even just once or twice, can have significant results. Even better, studying with another student can result in better study habits or sharing of best practices to increase success.

5. Career Center: more than ever, students are enrolling in college with the goal of securing a job after they graduate. With that in mind, getting practical, hands-on experience is crucial for landing a top job after graduation. Yet securing an internship can often feel like a daunting task especially with students today already juggling a myriad of other responsibilities. To help prepare and guide students through the process, many colleges have career centers to provide students with the resources and support to find internships that align with their skills and interests. Moreover these centers have knowledgeable staff who can help students practice interview skills, polish their resume and provide helpful advice about what to expect.

Being knowledgeable and taking advantage of different resources and tools that are available is one of the best ways for students to boost their grades, improve classroom performance or land the job or internship out of school. Leveraging one – or all!- of these tips can help students to make the most of the time left in the semester and get the last minute boost they need.


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