Love Doesn’t Trump All

Love Doesn’t Trump All

By Laura Wilmes, YOUniversityTV Student Contributing Writer from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville — It was a typical college love story.

We met late one Friday night at his fraternity house. After making prolonged eye contact from across the beer pong table enough to make each other know we were interested, I knew he was the one. I mean, after getting enough liquid courage to finally talk to him, I found out he didn’t even have a Tinder. Someone pinch me.

We fell in love the way one gains weight, slowly, then all at once. He followed me on Twitter, slid into my direct messages, and after seven months of “talking,” we (he) made it official. He was an engineering turned business major, and I was double majoring in psychology and anthropology.

I finally began to believe opposites really do attract, and somehow (fate, duh) everything was perfect.

That is, until one day:

He retweeted Donald Trump. Oh helllll no.

A dedicated Bernie Sanders supporter, I told myself to stay calm, but I had no idea about the slippery slope down which our relationship was headed.

The holidays came, and my suspicions grew. At Christmas dinner, his uncle commented on Trump’s good ideas and went on to diss “that communist Bernie Sanders.”

Uh… Well… Everyone’s family is a little crazy, that doesn’t define him. And, let’s be real, with the amount of Mary Jane he uses, he has to support someone looking to legalize it, right? (Wrong.)

After plastering my Bernie bumper sticker proudly on the back of my new Cube next to my Coexist sticker, I was confronted. He brushed it off, because at least it wasn’t Hillary.

I thought I was home free. Nah.

Just a few days later, I walked back into my room where we had been Netflix and chilling to find him scrolling on my MacBook, with a furrowed brow. My heart began to race. He couldn’t have found anything, right?

Oh, but he had.

The Donald Trump memes. The hair ones, the scrunched mouth ones, even the ones morphing his face onto every possible animal. They were all there. He had seen it all.

After losing my soulmate, I really do #FeelTheBern.


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