Why Living at Home While at University Might Not Be for You

Why Living at Home While at University Might Not Be for You

When that university acceptance letter comes through your door, it is the start of a new chapter of your life. So why might living at home during university not be for you? Well there are many reasons for this. Although for many years, living at home has been punted as the ultimate solution for students, this is not always the best thing to do. If you feel like you may not be able to focus properly in your home with all of your family obligations and duties, then it is probably best to consider moving out.

Undertaking a degree is one of the most important things in your life and it is also something that you should not mess up. You need to give yourself every chance to succeed. If there is something amiss with your home environment, you should consider moving out, as these things can have an adverse effect on your studies.

Destabilising circumstances that can hinder your studies

There are many factors that can unsettle you when you live at home, some of them can be solved and others are deeper issues. However if you recognise any of these things, then you should consider getting out.

· Parental control. While it is always a good idea to heed the warnings of your parents, if you feel that they take up your time by dictating wheat you can and cannot do and the types of freedoms that you have, you may want to move out. Everyone has different study habits that make them effective. If they try exert control over your habits, you might not perform as well as you could.

· Space constraints. If your home is caromed and there is no place that you can study peacefully, you should also consider moving out.

· Much younger siblings. As much as you may love your siblings, if they are much younger than you, they may cause distractions, as they will not be aware of how much you need to focus and concentrate. You might also end up playing baby sitter when you should be studying.

· Volatile environment. If you are living in a home that is volatile, then you should move out, as things will not be better for you during university. You need to focus, and a volatile environment can upset you and derail your studies if conditions are bad enough.

The great thing is that even if you cannot live at home, there are a whole host of options that are available to students and that are affordable for them as well. You could get a university residence room as part of a scholarship, or you could take advantage of independent student housing that is run a lot like university res.

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By Kenneth Nel  

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