Learning New Language: How To Overcome Lack Of Motivation

When learning a new language, there may come a time when you don’t feel the need to keep learning. It is like you are facing a burn out for language learning. You may even be unable to come up with simple words that were previously on your finger tips.

We are not machines, and it is common to experience burn out, in preparing your resume Harvard, finishing a story you started, or just waking up and going to work. But even machines wear out and need regular maintenance for them to operate at the optimal level.

If you feel your resolve to learn a new language is waning, below are some tips to keep you motivated:

To avoid the fatigue that comes with learning a new language, for me, it’s French; you have to change your attitude. Think positively about what you want to achieve. The same applies to the overwhelming feeling of having to draft a personalstatement MBA.

Focus on the things that keep you interested. It could be a specific French movie or just yearning to understand a particular documentary in French. Listen to music in French, too. Don’t invest a lot of your energy wondering when you achieve certain proficiency levels. Work towards it.

They say for you to hone your writing skills, you have to start writing regularly. It also applies when you want to keep lack of motivation, at bay. To find motivation, you have to take the first step and start learning.

Have a routine and purpose to stick to it. Say, you dedicate two hours of each day, to take a new lesson. It will help you discover your reason for learning. It often turns out to be something more significant than what got you started.

We’ve all been part of a classroom at some point in life. There were some lessons that you couldn’t get enough of, because the teacher had something new rolled up their sleeve, in each class. If your language lessons are merely a repeat of grammar and general vocabulary, you need to spice it up.

Try and learn using other guidelines other than the ones outlined in the traditional curriculum. Apply your lessons to the things that happen in your everyday life. It could be work or leisure. If cooking is your yen; then, learn to mention your ingredients in the language that you are learning.

It is common for one to keep doing a particular task if they are succeeding at it. When learning a new language, the progress you make will keep you motivated. To determine this, you can start by recording yourself as you speak in the specific language.

You don’t have to share it with everyone. It can be your secret. Wait a few months and re-record yourself. Notice the progress you’ve made so far. It will keep you going for a few more months.

If this is your ultimate aim, it will remind you of what it is. You can get a pen pal friend to give your feedback on how you are doing. Numerous sites are emerging to provide this service. Check out Penpalworld or italki.

Get a skype buddy if you have to. Devote a set time to communicate with your buddy on a regular basis.


Lack of motivation comes to us all, even when needing to look for personal statement writing service.But you can overcome and continue with your pursuit of becoming fluent in a new language, or whatever you are pursuing in life.


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