Insightful Advice for Students: How to Write a Triumphant Resume With 10 Websites

Insightful Advice for Students: How to Write a Triumphant Resume With 10 Websites

Your resume is the most important part of your job search. It’s your only chance to make a first impression. It’s also the only part of the job application process that you have total control of. Without a strong resume, you might never get an interview. These websites offer shrewd advice to help you write a masterful resume.

1. Want An Unbeatable Resume?

This is actually an interview with a top recruiter. The interview covers various resume-related topics, such as why people are so desperate to have a great resume, how to write an unbeatable resume, and whether or not an age bias exists in the hiring practices of most companies. It’s an interesting and intelligent read that can take your resume to the next level!

2. Do You Buzz

Do Your Buzz has a large selection of templates to help you create three kinds of resumes. One format is a printed version to take with you to interviews. The second is a mobile version for applying to jobs on the go. The last is a web version for applying online.

3. 10 Resume Mistakes

There are two approaches to writing a great resume. One approach focuses on all the things you should do. The other approach focuses on intentionally avoiding all the things you shouldn’t do. This excellent website neatly outlines all those things you should avoid. Take a look and commit the list to memory.

4. 15 Tips For Writing Winning Resumes

This website contains a very helpful list of things to keep in mind when you are writing your resume. One of the most important tips on the list is to remember that the point of your resume is to get you an interview, not necessarily the job. So make sure you focus on tangible achievements you have made at work and include numbers or data whenever possible.

5. Essay Mama

Essay Mama is a great resource for writers in any niche or genre, but it can be especially helpful for people who are writing their resume. The writers at Essay Mama all have advanced degrees and are therefore skilled in their topics writing topics. They can assist you with writing your resume, editing, proofreading, and even checking for plagiarism. If you’d prefer to leave the writing to the pros, they can write your resume for you (with the information you provide). Find more about other resume writing services here.

6. Read-Able

Read-Able checks your writing to see how easy it is for most people to read. Instead of a score, your writing will generate a “grade level” at which most students would be able to understand your content. Try to get the lowest grade level possible before submitting your resume.


One of the biggest sins you can commit, as a writer, is plagiarism. This is especially true if there are instances of plagiarism in your resume. While this can happen due to the heavy use of templates and the overwhelmingly frequent lines some people add to their resumes, you certainly don’t want to be caught in the middle. PlagTracker can find instances of plagiarism so you can modify them. Or, if you’d prefer, PlagTracker can rewrite those sections for you with new content.

8. Hemingway Editor

Ernest Hemingway was known for his ability to write short, simple sentences. His writing was easy to read, but it was also complex and interesting. In this way, your resume should read like a Hemingway novel. Hemingway Editor points out sentences that are difficult to read so you can rewrite them.

9. Resume Builder

Resume Builder starts out asking about your profession and work experience. Then, it will recommend a template for your industry as well as a few key phrases. Either use the phrases as they are, or rewrite them to fit your preferences.

10. 44 Resume Writing Tips

This massive list has everything else that the above sites might have missed. You will get tips on how to make yourself stand out, how to stay positive, and even how to pick the best font size and style. It’s a comprehensive collection of tips and tricks to improve your chances of getting that interview!

These websites will help you improve your resume. You’ll learn both what to do and what not to do. You’ll also learn techniques to grab an employer’s attention and find resources to make your writing clearer. So, only one question remains. What dream job will you apply to next?

By Julie Peterson


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