How to Use Online Paraphrase Tool for Academic Papers 2019

online paraphrase tool

In any writing exercise, it’s essential to master the skill of paraphrasing. It’s where you incorporate the ideas/arguments of another into your work but using your own words. That is, you rewrite the original piece.

Moreover, in academic writing, the proper use of online paraphrase tool allows you to support your arguments with substantial evidence without plagiarism. It is vital because instances of plagiarism result in severe consequences.

Importance of Paraphrasing in Academic Writing

  • Demonstrate your understanding

When paraphrasing, it’s essential to read and understand the portion of the material that you would like to include in your content. Then, you can comfortably rewrite the text without changing its original meaning.

Once you achieve this, it shows that you have captured the essence of the material you are paraphrasing.

  • Provide evidence in support of your arguments

We often base our ideas on those of others. The same is true in academic writing. Using reliable sources to back up your responses adds to their credibility.

However, when doing this, you should remember to use the proper acknowledgments. It applies even when basing the statements on your previous works.

  • Showcase your writing skills

Once you can reword paragraphs accurately, it shows that you have a mastery of the paraphrasing technique. It’s useful in effectively communicating through writing. It allows you to express the same idea differently, as appropriate to the intended audience.

  • Avoid excessive use of quotes

The use of quotation enables you to include the exact words as in the source, in your piece. However, it is advisable not to add too many quotes. Instead, you can rewrite the content so that it matches with your writing style and tone.

How to Use Online Paraphrase Tool

Most paraphrasing tools have an easy to use interface that allows the user to copy paste and unplagiarize the text select text. Some have the option of directly uploading the document to the site.

Often, paraphrasing takes place at the click of a button, and you get the reworded output. Others are a combination of an online tool and a paraphrasing service. In such instances, you can use the free online tool for instant paraphrasing.

If you want human input into the final copy, then you go for the paraphrasing service. You will then choose the time of delivery of the final document, and pricing often depends on this.

In both cases, you still need to:

  • Proofread

Man is to error, and so are machines. Online paraphrasing tools use machine learning techniques to produce paraphrased content (advanced tools.) Others replace the existing words with their synonyms.

That is considered “patchwriting” or superficial paraphrasing and can result in inconsistencies. Also, it allows you to tweak the content according to any given formatting guidelines.

  • Grammar Check

In some cases, the results from a paraphrasing tool may be incomprehensible. Doing a grammar check helps you ensure that your ideas have a natural flow and make sense.

To Use a Rewording Tool or Not?

There’s much debate on whether or not the use of paraphrasing tool is acceptable in academic writing. However, we cannot deny the fact that the effects of technological advances are changing how various sectors operate.

From a student’s perspective, paraphrase tools are essential when avoiding plagiarism. Also, it can be a way to train yourself how to reword content correctly since you still have to go through the output and ensure that it is intelligible.


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