How to Study Better: Tips and Tricks from Famous People

Almost every young person in the world dreams of an amazing career and success. Scratch that. Every young in the world wishes to be successful and something, become a role model to others, and basically, live a bright future. However, only very few people understand the importance self-development and studying has in the process. If you want to reach your goals, you simply must be consistent in learning. 

Perhaps it won’t be the traditional classroom learning that will get you to the top. We have all heard the stories of highly successful people who quit school and still fulfilled their dreams. However, regardless of where and how you get some education, the truth remains – you must keep developing to become successful.

Speaking of successful people, here are some tips and tricks for studying and learning better from some of the most successful people in the world.

There are two ways to start the morning right – get up early and get a routine. 

Let’s start from the first one. Why would you get up early?

If you start your day early in the morning, you have sufficient time to plan all your daily tasks, as well as schedule the activities.This can improve your studying because your brain won’t be too sleepy from the long hours in bed. 

If you don’t trust me, trust the famous people. The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and Oprah get up early to seize the day.Even Thomas Jefferson once said ”The sun has not caught me in bed in fifty years”.

When it comes to the routine, it is all about how willing you are to stick to a set plan, even for the weekends. Even though we all give ourselves some slack over the weekend, you need to start each day in the best way possible to achieve more until it ends. 

Oprah does not believe in alarms and therefore, never sets them. ”I don’t believe in them. They are… alarming!”- she says and yet, she wakes up at 6:02 a.m., on her own. In addition to waking early, she follows her routine of starting with a thank you and a nice morning mindset, followed by a tea and coffee, some exercise and healthy breakfast.

If you want to be successful like Oprah, start grasping the day her way.

If you want to get high, aim high. As Michelangelo once said: “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”

Jack Simmons, who is a CEO at Bestdissertation, explains: “Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams and think big. If you are aiming to achieve something, do everything you can to achieve it. Study hard, practice a lot, and do not give up before you reach your goals. This is the one and only way to be successful.”

Reading is a grand part of learning and is known to be the centre of the learning achievements. Knowing this, Bill Gates reads roughly one book a week, while Warren Buffet spends five to six hours daily reading! And these are only two of the many successful people who have learned about the power of the written word. 

It is no wonder that reading is the best way to learn. After all, this is how we perceive information and how we learn what we know now. Side by side with real-life experiences, reading a book is one of the two best ways to get the information your brain needs. 

Do you think that the most successful people in the world got where they are by just getting up for work and leaving when work time ends?If you answered yes, you cannot be more wrong. 

Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter spends 10 hours daily at Square and 8 to 10 hours daily at Twitter. This leaves him only 4 hours to rest. Basically, Dorsey has been spending his entire day trying to achieve more. This is how he became as successful as he is now. 

You cannot expect that success comes just like that. If it did, the CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer would not have to spend 130hours a week working. She would be out at parties or at home sleeping. Instead, she decided to go for it and become a highly successful person.

So far, you learned that you should not give up, try very hard, read a lot and think big. However, in order to be able to do all this learning and achieve everything you want, you need to be healthy. Thekey to it is, of course, a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle comprises of much more than a morning routine.One of the best ways to learn more is to allow your body to have the energy to learn more. Therefore, start with a healthy mind and a healthy body and move your way up the success ladder. 

We already told you of Oprah’s morning routine, so you already know the basics – healthy nutrition and regular exercise. Barrack Obama, the former president of the US exercises for 45 minutes daily and takes only one day off. Condoleeza Rice, the former Secretary of State gets 40minutes of cardio at 4:30 every morning.  Moreover, all these people focus on healthy living and nutrition. It is the way they keep their body energized and healthy to continue their success.


Following these tips does not mean that you will instantly become successful. However, the combination of learning hard, living a healthy life, and never giving up is a must if you want to get to the top. Through learning, people gain some knowledge and consistency, both crucial to succeed in life. These are the key preconditions of a successful person, so try implementing them in your life at all times.

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