How To Select The Right University

How To Select The Right University

Believe it or not, there are a few too many universities spread across the country. Which university you study in and graduate from will play a major role in sketching your future. The fact that you have abundant choice can confuse you and cause you to take the wrong decision.

Selecting a university goes much beyond choosing one that is conveniently located and/or offers tuition that you can afford. There are many other parameters that you must look at to ensure that the university is the right fit for you. We have a few of these listed below:


The reputation of a university speaks a lot. Check the country’s rankings and see where it ranks. Ideally, studying in one of the top 20 universities will work in your favor but we recommend that you look at the top 50 as well. A few new universities may be excellent but may not rank very well because they are still in the initial stages.

While reputation is important, please make sure that you do not make a choice solely on the reputation of the university. This is because the best college in the country may not be the right one for you, based on the course you are looking to study or location or any other factor. Give reputation importance but do not ignore the factors that we have mentioned below.


Research the university you are interested in over the Internet and find out whether it provides top-notch faculty especially in the course you are looking to study. You may also ask alumni to get details about the first-hand experience. That will help you make a better choice.


Yes, the facilities a university provides are very important, especially if you plan to live in the hostel. The food, the accommodation, the transport, and the extracurricular activities are very important. Many universities are offering Wi-Fi as well along with ATMs, courier, medical facilities, and photocopiers so that you don’t have to travel far and wide to get things done.


Whether or not the university offers campus placements is vital. A number of universities offer this but you should also think about the companies that visit the campus. Go through the university’s official website and you’ll get a clear idea about the companies. You may also look through the employment statistics if the university provides them.


Go through all the courses offered. Sometimes the courses you are looking for may not be provided in the universities that you prefer. Along with all the above mentioned important things you may also check the teaching methodology as this too is an important aspect in selection of the University.

Choosing a university that is reputed and fits your career requirements is very important. It can help you establish your career to the right direction.

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