How To Overcome Test Anxiety?

Test anxiety is a real thing. Even if you have no problems with stress in your everyday life, going to exams can cause quite a reaction you’ve never experienced before. This happens to so many college students who can’t seem to find the proper solution. Because of the anxiety, they even sometimes skip exams, leading to so many other problems. If you are also one of those students struggling to appear and give their best, you should definitely go through the tips below.

Study Well

Nothing beats test anxiety quite like being prepared. If you are very dedicated to studying before the exam, you will feel less stressed out. In a lot of the cases, the anxiety comes from not being properly prepared and not having studied well enough. This is the first step towards a stress-free life. If you sit down, pay attention and go through all the material, you will be much more confident in yourself. It all starts with good study ethics. If you didn’t manage to get that in high school, there are so many techniques that can help you out. By practicing for some time, you’ll be more focused and learn at a faster rate. Another great idea is to study with a friend or colleague. This method does not work for everyone, but it can be very effective for many. Some of the other options include a study group, studying out loud, getting someone to ask you questions before the exam and more.

How To Overcome Test Anxiety?

Make Sure To Get Enough Sleep

You don’t want to be cranky and tired on the morning of the test. Another factor which induces anxiety is not getting enough sleep. There will be times when a test will keep you up at night, but always remember to get those eight hours of recommended sleep. Your brain will have just enough time to rest and sort out all the data.

Practice Confidence

With test anxiety, confidence is the best solution. Confidence comes from the fact that you know you’ve prepared very well for the exam. It will definitely be a huge boost, knowing that you are ready to answer all the questions and solve all the tasks. If that’s not enough for you, start focusing on different methods that will help you out with building confidence. Remember, no one is perfect. You are going through this with so many other students. All of the colleagues in your class are probably feeling the same.

How To Overcome Test Anxiety?


This is not just any breathing. Of course, you can’t forget to breathe. The problem is that most of us don’t even do it the right way. You need deep breaths that come from the diaphragm. You should definitely try and involve the diaphragm in your breathing patterns. At first, it will be weird, but you’ll get used to it very fast. That is the way to slow down the fast heart rate and get all the oxygen that you need. Short breaths are the worst thing you can do to yourself. They only deepen the test anxiety. So every time you feel stressed out, start working on your breathing patterns.

Work On A Clear Vision

A positive mindset can take you places. Start working on your vision, where you only picture yourself passing the test. All the stress that you’re experiencing will soon be gone. You will attract positive vibes and your wish will come true. Imagine yourself walking into the room full of confidence and literally knowing every single part of the exam. It will have an amazing impact on the final result.

How To Overcome Test Anxiety?


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