How to NOT Write a College Term Paper

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How (NOT) to Write a College Term Paper

Writing every other college essay or term paper is like fire waking. No matter how many times you’ve done it before, somehow it still hurts. A lot. The process is getting even tougher when you tend to make the same assortment of mistakes over and over again. At the final end, you see no other way as to only approach a professional writing service available online with a message full of hopelessness and desperation: “Can you tell me NOW where can I buy a term paper for heaven’s sake?!”


Having a qualified scientific or writing guru by your side is always a privilege, of course. You can either purchase a high quality essay or term paper piece or, as an alternative, search for professional writing guidance from the experts of the custom writing industry. However, what you can do is to face the actual writing process that you’re usually getting through and see what habits should be changed immediately.


The Pre-Writing Weeks

So, you’re assigned with the task to compose an essay, a coursework or a term paper and you truly believe you’re going to cross the threshold of a local library right now. No, you’re not. First, you ignore the academic assignment. Second, you actually lose the sheet in your backpack…for a while. All of a sudden, you remember that you have to write an essay for university and the deadline is near. So, you pick a topic and forget about it…for a while.


The Writing Process (1 Day Before the Submission)

Have you got an inspiring writing playlist? No? Then it’s time to create one (and finally recall what the chosen university essay topic actually is). As a focused and dedicated writer, you provide a good thesis statement for your project. But the inspiration battery is low (and you definitely need a reward for what you’ve done so far), so you go and get a yummy snack. Well, of course you run into a pal in the kitchen, who seems to reward himself for the same scope of achievements. Discussing your plans for Hanukkah, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Groundhog Day or whatever is something that really makes sense now, that’s for sure. But you should also make some coffee right now. Not because it creates an awesomely friendly atmosphere as you talk, but because it’s 11 PM and you have a paper to write.


Somehow you produce a page and a half to realize it’s been an eternity since the last time you checked Facebook and Twitter. Click. Get angry at the whole world. Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax. Produce three more pages. Realize it’s 2 AM. Take a walk over the campus. Produce everything but the final page. Believe you can cope with it if you wake up at 5.30 AM. Fall asleep in a flash. Open your eyes at 7.30 AM and type the last page as if Cerberus is chasing you.


The Revision (45 Minutes or Less Before the Class)


So, you’ve accomplished an essay or a term paper without any assistance of the custom writing company writer. Now you begin to delete all random notes to self. Provide your project with a good title, not ESSAY TOUGH DEADLINE. Scan it for coherency. This will also help you to ensure you’ve used at least some citations. Now a busy student usually changes a bit the paragraphs flow in order to make certain it looks aesthetically. You print it out quickly and realize there are two spelling mistakes in the title. You re-print it. Twice. Staple.



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