How to Manage a Busy Schedule As a College Student

So, you’ve heard that being a student is absolutely great and whenever you get home you are being constantly reminded of it. Why is it then that you sometimes feel as if everything is falling apart and you don’t have control over your life? College is supposed to be fun, they said. You will enjoy every day, they said. Well, it is possible, alongside some hard work, and, even more importantly, good organization. If you are well-organized, nothing will stand in your way, and you’ll be able to put in less work and sleep more. Interested? Then, go ahead and read the instructions on how to do this!

Make a list

Yes, this is indeed the first step to everything you are going to do. You should have a planner, digital or ordinary, in which you are going to jot down all of your obligations and pleasures, too.

Put down on paper everything that you need to do during one day, just for starters. Include lectures, homework, and time with friends, too. It is often overlooked that we are not machines and as social beings, we need the love and support of others to function, which also requires some time, doesn’t it? Therefore, feel free to include absolutely everything.

The next step: prioritize. Be real and decide what is most important on that day, and assign a time span for that and other tasks.

Having successfully planned a day, do the same for the following week, or a month. Define your goals, and work around them.

Get essay help

Whoever told you college is only about going to lectures and parties really got you good. It is a well-known fact that students get quickly overwhelmed with papers and essays they have to hand in. This happens because first, they don’t make the abovementioned plan, and secondly, they don’t have a clue how to write a proper college worthy essay. Fortunately, there is that comes to your rescue. Usually, all it takes is a few expert tips to make all the difference.

Go to bed

And have your beauty sleep. The simplest solutions are the best, and sleep is one of them. Sleep deprivation will only take a toll on everything you do. You won’t be able to study at the normal pace, nor will you get to enjoy the free time to the fullest. Loss of sleep affects your focus and consequently, you need more time to finish some activities. Therefore, do not underestimate the value of proper rest.

Avoid the phone

So much research has been done on the shortening our attention span, but that doesn’t mean you too have to be a part of the mobile phone addicts. There’s an app that can block your social media for some time, or you could use apps which are meant to be digital reminders and planners, too. Stay strong, and leave the phone for break time.

Remain healthy

Yes, this is one more goal that is to be written down in your schedule. To remain healthy and be your best self, you need to set some time aside for physical activity of your choice. It can be going for a walk, run, swim, or maybe training sessions at the gym. Also, minimizing the intake of fast food means you’ll need more time to prepare healthy variants. Of course, there are on-the-go healthy options, but let’s face it: creating and sticking to a healthy diet takes time.

Be patient

In the end, don’t worry if everything falls apart the first week. You’ve just started, and it’s perfectly normal to overlook certain things. Also, time management is a real science, but we’re positive you’ll master it.

Should you apply these pieces of advice, your nightmare of tight essay deadlines and tough exams is finally going to come to an end. You’ll be feeling great every day, and you’ll be glad you have more time for both studying and having fun, no matter how impossible it may sound to you right now.


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