How to Learn Math: Top 10 Websites To Improve Your Math Knowledge

How to Learn Math: Top 10 Websites To Improve Your Math Knowledge

No matter if you’re a student or a working individual trying to balance finances, you need to know your math. A slip of a hand here, and an integer missing there could make a difference in the answers you give in a test, or in the taxes you pay for the year. Everyone should have a good grounding in basic math to get through life with ease. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks; I don’t believe that adage is entirely true, but it is a fact that young minds absorb information faster. Your kids may need help with their math homework, or tell you to do their math homework, whatever the case; here are a few websites to help you teach the young minds better.

Art of Problem Solving: This website has a huge archive of videos that are free to watch. Dealing with algebra, probability and other Math related topics, this website also regularly produces videos that deal with problems from various MATHCOUNT State-level competitions. Many of us can manage with basic addition and subtraction, but if you get a little puzzled when your child comes up to you regarding a complex algebra problem and don’t know where to turn to, this website will help you with your child’s math homework. There are various sub chapters, and the videos are very easy to understand as a person guides you step-by-step with clear explanations.

  1. A plus Math: For students at a higher level of math studies, this website should be your perfect guide for complex math problems. You have the option to choose from various interactive math games which test your knowledge and understanding, worksheets which can be printed or completed online, flash cards to test your math memory and many more. Everything is free on this website and you can get help with fractions, geometry, algebra and simple addition and subtraction problems.
  2. Math is fun: This website aims to bring together many teachers and math communities from all over the world to bring the viewer concise information presented in a fun manner. This website follows the philosophy of merging fun with math to make learning more enjoyable. You will find a large number of lessons and activities provided by various math faculties and global math groups so that you get different perspectives and teaching methods which work all over the world. There are puzzles and games to keep your mind ticking and there are introductions and explanations for other topics within the broader umbrella of Math.
  3. Education World: The name cannot get any clearer than this. Many valuable math teaching ideas are present in this site that would help teachers and parents in teaching their students. Many parents feel that they will not be able to teach or impart Math education as efficiently as a teacher, but with this website, you can manage to do just that. Being a huge resource center for teachers, parents are equally welcome to seek out this knowledge. It has pdfs that you can download for free and contains puzzles and other brain teasers that utilize critical thinking and hands-on math lessons.
  4. My Math done: As the website suggests, if you need help with your math homework, this is the website to head to. Offering problem solving for a small fee, they help you with your coursework or math homework to ensure that you get better grades that semester. If you are running short of time (as students invariably do), then this website will make sure that you not only avoid a fail, you pass with flying colors. Professionals work on your assignments within the deadline given so you can breathe a huge sigh of relief if you need help with your math homework in the last minute.
  5. Math Central: This website is service that targets math students and teachers. Maintained by the students and faculty of the Math Department at Regina University in Canada, it holds a glossary of math words amongst other features that aim to make your life easier. Many times during a lesson we comes across a math term we may not totally understand. Math Central acts like a bulletin board that has outreach activities, mathematician’s careers, problem solving and many more.
  6. Algebra.Help: This website covers all lessons about algebra and algebra related topics. This is a fairly straightforward website where all topics and sub topics are given clearly on the front page itself so you don’t have to go through a tedious search looking for the answer to your problem. There is an equation calculator that walks you through a step-by-step process so that you can understand how the answer is obtained to manage to do the next one on your own.
  7. The Math Forum: This website acts like a community for all math lovers and students. It doesn’t matter if you’re a parent, teacher, student or researcher, this website helps you use the internet to learn and improve your Math skills. Offering a huge plethora of puzzles to test your math problem solving skills, your student is sure to learn new aspects of Math.
  8. Math Pickle: This website happens to be one of the top ten websites for Math education. Although it seems to be teacher oriented, it can work very well for parents who are home schooling their children. You have the option to take the puzzles and make Math education a fun learning session. They will be absorbing math without realizing it, and the various games and activities on their website will inspire students to learn math easily.
  9. Arcademics: Combining academics with arcades/ games, you are sure to learn math faster. Keeping in mind that students learn better when a topic is fun, this website was created. Ensuring that users have privacy to do their math homework online, this website can only be accessed with a password and the students are encouraged to play math games with other players. This is monitored for student’s safety and all games are free, educational and multi player to encourage fun learning in groups.

By Julie Martin — Math Education has come a long way since decades back where the conventional method of mug and learn was the norm. To ensure that students have the best resources to absorb information, the above websites show you how learning Math can be a fun affair and if you every need help with your math homework; you know where to head to!

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