How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Into a Top College

A million dollar question for all future freshmen out there: how to make sure you get accepted into your dream college? Your future has never looked so near and yet so daunting. After all, this period will decide what profession you are going to choose, and your campus life. So, take a deep breath, and put our pieces of advice to good practice.

Get down to studying

If you are aiming high, then you mustn’t wait for the perfect timing, but start increasing your average scores right this moment! Your grades are the first thing a college administrator is going to look at. If they match the requirements, you will be taken into consideration. If not, your application is simply tossed away.

Write an original essay

In order to impress the college of your dreams, you have to write a brilliant piece of writing. It’s supposed to be both intellectual and intriguing. But, how are you to do it? Three words: practice makes perfect. The more you write, the better you get. Having some professional feedback from Solomon Admission Consulting Reviews can prove invaluable, too. An expert in successful Harvard and Yale applications will be able to help you discern between right and wrong when it comes to mastering an admission essay as well as other skills. Solomon Admission Consulting Facebook page provides regular advice on the other requirements, too.

Early bird catches the college

If you’ve been doing extremely well, then you can consider applying earlier than the majority of the candidates. November candidates can count on a higher percentage of getting accepted than the ones applying later on, so if you think you’ll be ready (check with your consultant first), it could be worth a shot.

Pass with distinction

Do your best to get the maximum out of your SATs and ACTs. If needed, retake the exam. SAT Subject Tests and AP tests are also required by the top colleges.

Superb organization

If you are already feeling a bit overwhelmed, it’s the best time to inform you that you can achieve all of your goals as long as you set your priorities straight. No more arriving in the nick of time. You’ll be having so many obligations that you simply have to plan everything carefully, including your free time.

Indeed, it’s vital not to forget about your relaxation and add it to your busy schedule. Otherwise, you are in danger of burning out, and all the good work could go to waste.

Community work

Each reputable college is interested in people who are giving back to the community, so it’s high time you proved yourself an invaluable asset.
There are many ways around this: volunteer in an animal or homeless shelter, join the Red Cross (or even go on a mission), get a CPR certificate and prove your ability to save human lives, help out a youth sports team, or organize fundraising.

Word of praise

Don’t shy away from asking for excellent recommendations from your teachers or mentors as these can go a long way.

Enjoy your hobby

If you think you haven’t got one, act fast! Join a debate club, a choir, a yoga class, a chess club; try your hand at landscaping, cooking, painting or website designing. You simply have to have a leisure activity to boast about. That’s the way of the college world.

To summarize, there is a lot of hard work ahead of you, but don’t forget that it is mandatory to have some fun as well. What all colleges are looking for is a well-rounded person. Sit down, make a sound plan, and stick to it! This way, you’ll be able to give them exactly what they had in mind – an aspiring college candidate.


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