How to Create a Great Study Space

Studying is a job that requires a lot of concentration and that level of focus can only be achieved in an appropriate setting. In addition, there are some findings that suggest learning is much faster and more effective if done in a space designated just for that purpose. That’s the reason why you should invest some time and set up your own study space. The tips below will get you started, so go ahead and keep reading.

Restrict yourself to one room

It is crucial to always study in the same place, and not do anything else there. This special place will help your brain to focus and remain awake after long studying hours. Once you enter your designated learning chamber, you’ll be able to quickly achieve working temperature, and that will help you a lot during those days when you’re crunched for time. The place of your choice should be near your home (ideally in the house) so you can access it quickly and start working.

Recreate the environment

While planning your new study space, think about the classrooms where you take tests. Those two rooms should be similar, so you won’t waste any time on adjustment. Your goal is to start taking the test right away, and atmosphere you created at home will help you with that. For example, if you were learning about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in a similar space, your brain will connect it with needed information and you’ll recall it with ease.

Don’t get too comfortable

Your new study room should be cozy and meet your needs, but it shouldn’t be as cozy as the living room. It is important to take this advice seriously and change out of your pajamas before you sit at the desk. Being too relaxed while studying will make it difficult to focus, and most freelancers will confirm this claim. Your brain needs to know it’s study time, so go ahead and get professional even in your own house.

Let the light in

The human brain just loves natural light. People who spend their working hours under fluorescents can tell you how hard it is. That’s the reason why your new studying station should be placed near the window. Even a little reflection can warm up your space and make it alive. These conditions are very important for learning, so make sure to let the precious sunlight in.

Replace music with ambient noise

In order to really concentrate and get some information memorized, you’ll need to turn off the music, especially tunes with lyrics. While your favorite music can lift the mood, listening to it while reviewing your notes is not a good idea. That’s why you should try studying in a quiet place or listening to classical and ambient music.

Get some plants

It is well-known that houseplants improve indoor air quality while absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. The latter gas is very important for proper brain function and you’ll need a lot of it while trying to memorize new information. On the other hand, simple low-maintenance plants will help you relax since their green color has a positive effect on the human nervous system. With just a few plants, you’ll get an oxygen boost while keeping your cool during stressful studying periods.

Make it look like an office

As mentioned above, your new study space shouldn’t be too comfortable. It is a much better choice to set it up so it looks like proper office space. Create an office supplies list and start investing in your study room. You’ll need an anatomical chair, so you can remain focused and awake while working. In addition, get yourself a printer, laptop, laminator, and fluorescent text markers. All of these will help you organize and create useful learning aids.

Final thoughts

Creating a new study space won’t take too much time and money, so you should start setting it up right away. The space you created will help you learn quickly and effectively. Keep in mind that this space is just for studying so avoid sleeping or gaming in there. Its atmosphere should remain intact if you want to get great results and pass all upcoming tests.


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