How to Assemble the Essay Structure

Many people believe that essay writing is easy, but it is not. Most students only realize how difficult it is to come up with a proper essay structure once they begin writing. You need a balance in the structure that you follow with an essay, which makes it more challenging than many people expect.

Even though writing an essay with a perfect structure is a bit tricky, but if you know the basics of essay writing, you can do it just right.

The Basics

In this brief article, we have listed some important basics related to essay writing and structure that can help you write a convincing essay. If you get the structure right, you can make your essay interesting to read and convincing.

Understanding the Purpose of Essay

If you are new to essay writing, you must have a clear idea about the purpose of writing an essay. It is not an article, it is not a story, and it is not a narrative – it is an evidence packed, well structured, logical argument in support of the answer to a question posed.

Simply put, your essay must present an argument that can convince the readers. Once you know the purpose of essay writing, the next question is how to start writing?

Before you start writing, you must have knowledge of the following:

  • The topic and type of essay you are writing
  • The length of the essay
  • Where to find the sources that can be used in the essay?
  • The citation method you are asked to use by your teacher

Once you are clear about the above, next is to bring your argument into shape, that can be done by following a good structure.


The content must revolve around the three questions – What? Why? And How? To come up with a convincing argument, you must have a clarity about what evidence you want to use. These evidences should make part of the body.

Next, you answer the why question in the introduction and conclusion. You must present a solid case, why do you believe in your argument. Next, your content must also talk about how your argument makes sense? How is it convincing?

Essay Structure

The basic structure contains three sections:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Tip: Write introduction and conclusion after writing the body. This way, you have more knowledge about the topic to write powerful introduction and conclusion without investing much time.

In addition, most types of essays also require cited sources or a bibliography page or section.

The essay must start with a powerful introduction that can present your case, why you are making the argument, while the conclusion must summarize the body (without adding anything new) and present an answer to the initial question, posed in the introduction.

The most important part is the body paragraphs. In this part, you provide evidence to support your argument. Here you can use a paragraph for each idea, and provide readers with facts, reasoning, and background information.

Each paragraph must include a topic sentence, cited research, explanation of the cited research, and build up to the next idea/paragraph.

Here is the quick check for a good essay structure:

  • You have a clear idea about the topic
  • Create a title
  • Write an introduction
  • Write multiple paragraphs in the body, each discussing one idea
  • Cite all the research
  • Write a conclusion that summarizes your argument


Essay writing is not easy as many people students believe. You need to make an effort and invest time to make sure your essay is convincing. Most students don’t have enough time and often lose marks for submitting low-quality essays. In such case, it is better to use the cheap custom essay writing service instead of losing marks.

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