Great College Student Gift Ideas For The Holiday Season

Happy holiday season college students! If you still haven’t bought anything for your favorite student, we deliver a whole list of great tips. These are some of the best college student gift ideas that will be put to good use. There is no need to overthink, the things below are for both males, females and all ages. These are the types of items that make your life so much better.

Wireless Headphones

There isn’t a single college student out there who don’t need headphones. This is such a brilliant idea! The only thing from stopping you is if they’ve already bought a pair. There are many affordable options that won’t hurt your budget. These headphones will find so many uses. First of all, listening to lectures! Everyone needs to block the noise coming from the next room in the dorm. There are so many benefits that it’s hard to count. Things become even better if the student has a long commute to work and job. Even the small earpods from Apple are an amazing gift.

Smart Alarm Clock

If you have a friend who has a hard time waking up in the morning, we already know what you can get them. A smart alarm clock is officially one of the coolest college student gift ideas ever. First and foremost, it is an inexpensive present. You can choose between many, and pick the one that works best for your planned budget. Also, it will be put to very good use. Most of them feature a number of options that will make waking up a piece of cake. Phones can be so annoying when they ring in the morning. That is why this type of clock literally gives you the opportunity to choose different tunes, and include your personal schedule. By programming it, the clock will wake you up every day at the time that you wished for.

Portable Charger

Another great idea that you probably didn’t even think about. Students are always busy and on the go. With the phones in their hands constantly, the chances are they are always in the need of a new portable charger. If you need the phone at all times, you know how hard it is to charge it only at home. It often happens that the battery is low and all of a sudden the phone is off. This is when you wish you had a portable charger. With this present, your friend/son/daughter/relative will be able to charge their phone anywhere and anytime.  Most of the chargers offer the option that you use it two times before you need to plug them in too.

Social Card Games

This one will benefit the whole group of friends. Everyone likes social games, especially since they will stay away from their phones for a while. Getting a student social card games is like giving them the endless opportunity of having fun. The options are so many, depending on what the person likes. Plus, it is affordable.

A Book

People can never have enough books. Not all students like reading outside of school, but the ones that do will really appreciate this gift. It doesn’t have to be a book meant for classes. It can actually be an interesting one with student tips and hacks, an inspirational one that helps them become more successful, or a book that promotes health. If the college student in your life loves cooking, there are so many amazing cookbooks to get. Just think of something they enjoy doing and get a book that is related to that topic. 

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