Good Roommate versus Bad Roommate in College

Good Roommate versus Bad Roommate in College

By Maria Fernanda Rada, YOUniversityTV Contributing Student Writer, Lynn University – I hope you choose a good roommate because this is the one person you will see, hear, and smell the most in the next four year of your life. Roommates can be hard to deal with. You should be careful with what you put on your roommate application form. During my five years in college I had three different roommates in three different buildings. Some of them were OK, and some of them were not.

Before traveling all the way to my new home in Florida, I thought a lot about how I will make the most out of my experiences, so put a request for a “sociable fun roommate who enjoys meeting all kids of people and places”. My new roommate resulted to be a party animal who will constantly forget her room key in the dorm and would come back in the late am hours to wake me up and beg me to open the room for her. She would crash with her party clothes on and not clean up her mess. This one night, I had a biology test that I really had to study for. Because I had been busy studying and doing other stuff during the day. I decided I was going to study only at night. At 1 pm, one of the roommates friends came to my dorm telling me that my roommate was intoxicated and in danger and really needed someone to pick her up from this place that was like more than an hour away. I jumped out of bed and decided to drive in my pajamas, I didn’t even brush my hair; my roommate needed me. When I arrived to the address I had to wait outside this really nice house for like 30 minutes and then I see her laughing and smoking a cigarette with her friends. Her friends got in my car as if nothing wrong was going on. I did not do well in my test. This is one example of having of the bad overly social roommate. I did change roommates after.


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