Go To Class!

Go To Class!

By Scott Gendal, YOUniversityTV – In college, when I would call my mother she would always say “go to class.” I was young and impressionable, simply put, I didn’t buy it. Now, I went to most of my classes but some days I just felt like sleeping in. Acting like a college kid can be very tiring. But, when I woke up late and missed class I could hear my mother’s voice whisper into my ear “go to class” and I felt guilty for the rest of the day. I don’t have the statistics, but I know, college kids that go to class get better grades then ones that don’t.

Times have changed. I’m 35, this is 2015, and when I was in school in order to take notes, I had to go to class. There were no notes online! College kids, can you imagine? We had to take our own notes! We bought books in a book store! We used a pen, not a keyboard! We actually had to pay attention! Now I’m just kidding college kids, I’m sure you pay attention, but you certainly have it a lot easier than I did. The most important element in learning and achieving is retaining information. There’s no doubt, you retain more information while taking your own notes in class, then reading some strangers notes off the internet. Plus, your parents worked hard for you to get the best education possible. Or, you took out a massive loan to become a scholar. You owe it to yourself and your parents to go to class. Who knows, ladies, there maybe a cute guy waiting for you. Fellas, there might be a hottie. Boys who like boys, there may be a handsome man in the seat next to you. Ladies who like ladies, your princess might ask to borrow a pen from you. You’ll never know until you go to class. Next time you don’t go to class listen to my mother’s voice say “go to class.” Trust me, it’s annoying.


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