Full Dissertation Lit Review Writing Guide

In plain and simple terms, a lit review is an overview of the sources you used in your preparation. All of the books you used as well as any reading online and offline. These sources should be stated in your dissertation in order to determine where you got your findings from. It is a rather important part of the dissertation and there is a standard way to do it.

Trying to find dissertation literature review help has become easier these days. Some years back, we did not have access to so much information. The internet is flooded with important facts on dissertations, which makes it easier for students to get through this tough project. This writing guide is going to help ease you into writing a literature review for your dissertation.

Use a template

Instead of making life really difficult when writing a lit review you can find good samples online. This is going to help you get the outline and structure right from the get go. It is acceptable these days that we use these online templates. You can even find ones of your university’s website. There is no reason to start doing this from scratch when it is already created for you.

Specific topic

When you keep your topic as in a tight niche, you are making the rest of your lit review so much easier. If you choose a topic that is broad, there is going to be a lot of reading waiting for you. It also becomes more difficult to come to a conclusion with the amount of information you need to get through. Be clear about your views in your literature review and only use sources that are true. The internet is not a source of the best information.

Updated sources

Moving from the internet being a bad source of information, you want to make sure you are not using ancient sources. A lot of times, new technologies and developments can eliminate what came before. Use the most current information when writing your dissertation. A lot of use needed writing help review and it is always a plus when you get it. Get some tips from those who have conquered the dissertation before and apply those that makes sense to you.

Quality writing

A lot of people pay attention to the bulk of the dissertation and let the lit review slide. You want to make sure that you have quality writing even when doing your literature review. It might seem like a quick overview of your sources, but you are still scored on this section. Keep at the back of your mind that every word you are required to write down on your dissertation is going to determine your score, so be careful with this one.


Once you have the basic structure of a lit review, your job becomes a lot easier. Knowing you got the first part right is going to motivate you to do even better. A dissertation is the final hurdle before the finish line of your studies and you should give it everything you have. It is a big task and no one can take away the information you gain through this process. Believe in your ability to do this and you are on your way to ending on a high.


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