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I’m a retired teacher of literature and writing. I really miss teaching, so I decided to do a little online teaching with free online writing classes. Of course, it won’t be the same because I won’t have that wonderful interaction with students. Perhaps it will somewhat satisfy my need to share information, however. Today’s topic in my online writing courses is essay writing.

Essay writing is a required skill in high schools and colleges across the nation. I assume it’s a necessary skill in other countries, as well. I was always surprised on the rare occasion when I had a senior who didn’t know how to write an essay. How did such a student reach the twelfth grade without knowing how to write an essay?

If you’re having trouble with essay writing, I’m offering free essay help. This is a basic “short course” in essay writing. Remember – this is for basic essay writing. In future online writing courses, I’ll get into more advanced essay writing. For now, however, beginners will learn the basic essay format. A good place to start is with the 5 paragraph essay.

What’s a 5 paragraph essay?

First of all, I apologize for the “5” instead of “five.” For search engine purposes, I must refer to the essay writing as a 5 paragraph essay. Now that we have that out of the way…

A 5 paragraph essay is made up of five paragraphs – hence the name. The first paragraph is the introduction. Following the introduction are three body paragraphs. The last paragraph is the conclusion.

Essay format for a 5 paragraph essay

  • I. introduction

  • II. body paragraph

  • III. body paragraph

  • IV. body paragraph

  • V. conclusion

Essay format – the introduction

The introduction introduces your essay topic to the reader. It should start off broad and general. Picture your introduction as an inverted triangle, starting broad and gradually narrowing to a point. The point is your thesis statement. The focus should tighten into the last sentence, which is the thesis. The thesis statement controls your entire paper.

I’ll give you an example. Let’s say you’re writing an essay about the qualities that a good leader should possess. Since this is a 5 paragraph essay, you’ll choose three such qualities. A simple thesis statement might be something like “A good leader must have intelligence, good judgment, and courage.” This sums up the entire essay into one sentence.

Essay writing – body paragraphs

Your first body paragraph will be about a leader’s need for intelligence. The first sentence of this paragraph should be a topic sentence – something like “An effective leader must be intelligent.” Then you’ll write four or five sentences supporting that topic sentence. In other words, you’ll explain why it’s important for a good leader to be smart.

You’ll need to do the same thing with the next two body paragraphs. Later, after you get the basic essay format down pat, your topic sentence won’t necessarily need to be the first sentence. For now, however, it will help you to organize your essay and teach you how to write an essay.

Essay writing – the conclusion

When writing an essay, you’ll need a conclusion. This should be your last paragraph. Your conclusion should sum up what you’ve already said. Some teachers and instructors sometimes require that beginners, those just learning how to write an essay, reword the thesis statement and use it as the first sentence of the conclusion. This is followed by three or four more sentences.

If you use this essay format, your conclusion should be like an upright triangle. It should start with your thesis statement and gradually get broader in the way of information – just the opposite of your introduction.

In the conclusion, be careful not to introduce new information.

More essay help

Each teacher is a little different in her requirements. For example, traditionally, instructors frown upon the use of second person (you) when writing an essay. This rule has relaxed, however, and second person is often allowed in essays now. In order to be sure, ask your teacher before you commit pen to paper when writing an essay.

When you’re writing an essay, plan ahead. Make an outline of some sort. The outline doesn’t have to be in any formal essay format. Even a jot list will help you organize your thoughts.

When you’ve finished writing an essay, let it “rest” before you do final editing. Your mistakes are difficult to spot while your essays are still “fresh.” Your brain will often correct the mistakes so that you won’t notice them. After the essays get “cold,” your errors will be much easier to identify.

Give your essays titles. Do not put the title in quotation marks.

Don’t begin your conclusion with “in conclusion.” Don’t use “I think” or “I feel” when writing an essay. Your educator knows that you’re thinking and feeling! Don’t use clichés, either. Don’t use “The end” at the bottom of your essays.

I haven’t addressed voice or style in this essay help article. Both are very important elements of essays, but those are lessons for the future. Your first attempts at essay writing should focus on organization and essay format. Once you master the basics, we can move on to word choice, transition, and varied sentence patterns.

Essay writing doesn’t have to be difficult. Just master the basic essay format first, beginning with a simple 5 paragraph essay. Once you learn to organize and control your content, you can move on to more essay help to make your essays interesting and more polished.

To learn more about how to improve writing skills, visit my free online writing classes below! I’ll be adding more tips for improving writing skills, but for now, just click the links for more online writing courses.

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