Efficient Hacks To Find More Time To Study

Once those exams approach anxiety kicks in. By properly planning your day, you can manage to find more time to study when you need it. Time is actually what we all always need. If you decide that you want to spend more hours learning and be 100% prepared for the exams, you can try following these tips. They guarantee you several extra hours in a day.

Forget About Social Media

Yes, Facebook and Instagram are interesting, but you have to study. One of the best ways to make more time to study is quitting social media. These are contagious habits that are only getting in your way. The addictive apps you own on the phone are taking hours off your free time. If you spent those hours learning, you will find it much easier to be prepared for exams. Try limiting your social media exposure in the beginning. Set a schedule when and for how long you will be online. It will be hard at first, but you’ll get used to it. Your final goal should be to spend no time online during exam season.

Efficient Hacks To Find More Time To Study

Think Of Your Routines

Analyze your routines in a day. That way you’ll get a general idea what things require a lot of your time, and you can think of more effective ways to do them. For example, if you watch TV or listen to music for an hour and a half, it might be time to reduce it. When you have to study for exams, you can use any minute you can get. That is why it is so important to review all the things you do in a day. If you are spending too much time at the gym, maybe you can find an activity that doesn’t require two hours. There are plenty of exercises you can do at home, without spending that extra 45 minutes going and coming back from the gym.

Make A Schedule

Keep a very tight schedule. That is the only way you’ll find time to study. If you’re constantly finding new things to add to your day, you’ll end up exhausted and with no time to study. That is why during the exam period you should create a schedule and stick to it every single day. You’ll notice that you also feel well rested. Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day will have a positive impact on your routine. From there on you might even want to stick to the schedule even after the exams are done.

Efficient Hacks To Find More Time To Study

Use Your Way To College

If you are taking a bus or a train to college, you can always use this time to study. Just put your headphones on, and you’ll find it much easier to concentrate. Actually, use all of your time spent on the road to study for the upcoming exam. Even if you are going to work, get a book with you. That way you are efficiently using every single minute of your day.


Multitasking is not always a good idea. When you have a ton of exams coming up, and you have no time to study for all of them, this is when multitasking comes in hand. Try repeating things you’ve learned when you’re making lunch, or while you’re taking a shower. You can even try listening to an educational tape when you’re running. Use every single second to repeat things that you’ve already learned and you’ll be ready for the exam.

Efficient Hacks To Find More Time To Study


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