Easy Tricks To Improve Your IQ

There are things in life that we inherit by birth, but a lot of our features can be influenced by external factors. Intelligence is one of those that is a given but fortunately can be improved. It all depends on you. You can spend your days doing nothing, watching reality TV. Or, you can focus on making yourself better and smarter. This can become your favorite habit, thanks to several simple tricks we wanted to share. All of these activities can easily become a part of your everyday life, and you don’t even have to sacrifice anything. Check them out below and start practicing them if you want to improve your IQ.

Easy Tricks To Improve Your IQ

Avoid Bad TV

These days you can literally watch anything on TV. Make sure that you’re not poisoning your brain with nonsense. Instead, search for educational shows that can be very beneficial for you. Reality shows are the worst thing you can do to your intelligence. At least tune the TV on a quality music channel. If spend a lot of time in front of the television, use it for a good purpose. Find something that interests you but it’s also educational at the same time. Documentaries are one of the best ways to boost your brain power. You’ll remember so many things without even noticing.

Play Chess

This one is a given! I don’t even have to mention that chess can help you improve your IQ. Everyone already knows that this game is the best of the best. That is why the best chess players are some of the smartest people in the world. It involves a lot of thinking and stimulating the brain. Actually, chess makes both sides active in the process of solving the case. To play this game you definitely need to concentrate, which is another cognitive skill that will improve soon.

Easy Tricks To Improve Your IQ

Try Dual N-Back

There are so many games online which claim they can help you improve your IQ. Most of them only help you with that single game and are not useful in what they actually say they are. There is one game that is completely different from them all. It is called Dual N-Back and you can download it for free and even get the app. It has been tested and proven to increase intelligence and the thinking power of the brain. Users noted an increase in the memory capacity and the cognitive abilities.

Education Never Stops

Even if you graduated from college that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t read anymore. On the contrary. A person learns throughout his whole life. After you get a job, you can start focusing on news that is from your field. Books are a great place to start. Reading really activates your brain and significantly improves your intelligence. If you spend a lot of time online, at least make it worth it. Search for topics that will bring you knowledge. Social media and games are not always the best ways to waste your time when you can actually be doing something smart.

Easy Tricks To Improve Your IQ

Learn New Languages or Instruments

Studying a new language is another great way to score IQ points. It is definitely something that will keep you busy quite a while, but you’ll end up being smarter on so many levels. The same thing applies to instruments. Use all of your free time to gain new skills that stimulate the work of your brain. Mathematics is another great field that can be very interesting and beneficial as well.


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