Double Majoring – Is It Worth It?

Double Majoring – Is It Worth It?

Double is usually associated with great things; 2 for 1 movies, double cheese-burgers, double rainbows, etc. So it comes as no surprise that many students find the idea of double majors very enticing. Many feel that if they have interests in multiple fields, obtaining both degrees in the time it takes one is a fantastic idea. Others point out that the much greater work load removes a lot of flexibility and may impede you from enjoying other lesser subjects. Who’s got it right?

There isn’t really a direct answer. Sure, a double major looks really good on a resume but there isn’t much proof that it offers you a major (no pun intended) advantage in the job market or getting into graduate schools. On the other hand, majoring in two subjects offers a much greater depth in knowledge which is never a down-side in the real world. The point is that only you can decide for yourself if doubling is right for you.

First of all, examine the reasons why you want to do it. You might have a certain career in mind that would require expertise in two separate fields. Web site development or eCommerce, for example, could require skills in computer science and marketing. On the other hand, you should look at the reasons you can think of for not doing it. Can you see yourself putting in the effort? If you slack behind, would you be willing to take courses online or during the summer?

Also, review your actual interest in both those fields. Do you really want to major in both? Consider this, you really want to go into psychology, you feel that it’s your calling in life and won’t have it any other way, but, you also have a deep interest in art. At this point, majoring in both art and psychology is not the wisest thing to do. A wiser option would be to major in psychology and minor in art, where the focus will be the former and you’ll still be able to learn a lot about the latter.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure to get informed. If you plan on double majoring, your education advisor has to sign off on it anyway, so why not get the conversation about double majoring going before actually going through with it? Another great source of information are students who are already double majoring. Ask them what they think of it. They’ll be glad to tell you anything you want to know…they’ll be glad to take a break from all the studying too.

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