Don’t Lose Your Literacy during the Summer: 8 Apps to Study and Entertain

Did you know that during the summer holidays you can lose up to three months of the work you did during the rest of the year? Yup, you read that correctly. It’s possible for you to backslide tremendously if you don’t do something to keep yourself up to speed. Now, considering how expensive schools are nowadays, that seems like a terrible waste of money don’t you think?

To think it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of fun, addictive and exciting ways to keep yourself and your brain power up to speed and par, so that when the new year rolls around, rather than trying to roll a rock up hill, you’ll be able to hit the ground running.


Paper books are so 2010! Ebooks are the way to go – particularly if you’re planning to go on holiday. And if there is one king among the ebooks, it has to be the Kindle. Don’t know if you should take the Lord of the Rings, the Bluest Eye or a play by Shakespeare? Take them all. And while you’re at it also take the entire Encyclopedia Britannica, to boot!

You’ll swish through your reading list, get up to date with your newspaper reading and re-visit last semester’s text books, all for a few hundred grams of extra weight.

The Elements: A visual Exploration

Kind of into chemistry but not really sure? Then check out the elements app. This beauty will tell you more about the elements than you knew was known and does so in an engaging and friendly style, with graphics and videos explain what the elements are and what they can do.

Whether you’re studying for college, or to prepare for your next cook in your meth lab, whichever way you go you can’t go wrong with the elements.


Are you more of an oral learners? Then check out the TED app and listen in on some of the best, brightest and freshest thinkers in the world today talking about technology, psychology, world affairs and more. It really is an awesome opportunity to listen to some fantastic lectures, presented in a way that most professors can only dream about.

These guys actually make learning fun, topics interesting and staying ahead of the curve a breeze. Go on, you know you want to!

Articles for Ipad

With this great app you can explore Wikipedia and get a real sense of the great material out there. Yes, we know, you shouldn’t quote Wikipedia in your research papers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a hell of a lot from the website! And once you know it, it’s a great deal easier to actually write the paper, I’ve found.

Then, when you’ve actually got to reference the material, actually follow the links that the Wikipedia pages point to and bob’s your uncle.


Want to enhance your vocabulary? Challenge a friend to scrabble on the scrabble app and find out all about the two-letter words that are out there! In that way you won’t just enhance your vocabulary, but you’ll have fun and get to dominate your friends as well.

And of course when you go visit your Nan you’ll be able to show off your old people game skills. You’ll be a hit at the retirement home! Bring on the dry biscuits and the oversweet orange juice!

Dragon Dictation

Have a story inside you that really wants to come out but don’t have the time to sit down at a keyboard? Well, then consider Dragon Dictation, which lets you preach to your iphone or ipad and it will write it all down for you!

In this way you can make plans, write stories, record thoughts and store daydreams, while walking the dog, lying in bed or exercising in the gym. What’s not to love? And so, now you know what to do if you have writing research papers.

How to cook everything

Though with me the title immediately conjures images of the TV show Hannibal, that doesn’t mean I won’t get this app. After all, with How to cook everything I’ll be able to cut my McDonalds visits in half, to only twice a day! That’s got be good for my waistline, don’t you think?

Besides, I’ve already got experience with cooking human flesh. Only last week I nearly accidentally boiled my fingers. Too much?


Do you struggle with due dates, deadlines and assignments? Are you one of those people who finds themselves doing a semester’s worth of work in 48 hours? Well, then give myHomework or Ghost Professors a shot. They not only will remind you but help to hand everything on time.

Now whether that actually helps you or turns out to be just another annoying alert that you’re going to turn off every day is something you’re going to have to decide for yourself, but at least it will try to help you. And there’s something to be said for that.

By Kerry Creaswood


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