Do You Have the Skills to Start a Brand New Club on Campus?

Do You Have the Skills to Start a Brand New Club on Campus?

By Maria Fernanda Rada, YOUniversityTV Student Contributing Writer, Lynn University – The idea of starting a new club on campus all started one random day in the cafeteria while me and my best friend Isabel were enjoying the fabulous Lynn University sushi rolls. We both really love trying sushi rolls!

Isabel started to talk about our career plans and what can we do to boost our success stories. We also talked about college life and how people get involved in different clubs and organizations to either for like minded communities with an academic purpose or just for fun. We both also shared how much we really like photography classes and projects, and video and advertising class. Then one awesome college idea come to mind: Since we can use the university’s tv studio for projects, Could we also use it to start our own TV Show where we could be directors, script writers and talent all at the same time?

We knew that to use the studio, we needed permission from a staff member, so we decided to go talk to one of our favorite professors: Denisse Belafonte, out TV professor. We prepared a pitch for her.

The “In The Loop” show will be fun English/Spanish Television show, which will include all kinds of segments to express all kinds of college interests. Out target audience would be mostly college students and our surrounding community. The purpose of the show was to entertain and inform the community in funnest way possible. Anybody could join if they wanted to express a bit about what they did. It didn’t have to be formal. “Be a guest and have fun with it” was our slogan. It did take us long to come up with the idea, but since we were close and never hesitated to add ideas, it did not feel like a lot of work at the beginning.

We went to the professor’s office and presented the pitch and the professor ended up delighted with our initiative and enthusiasm. We also started a Facebook page and quickly became popular. It was easy to convenience friends and people on campus to like our page because we both are not shy! Besides it was something all students could benefit from. The real problems came after we started organizing shows. We could only book the studio once every two weeks and we both were so busy and there was so much to prepare that we could not both be doing everything always. One of us realized that we needed more people of we want to continue the show, but the other one did not agree. Since this show was not really serious business, I guess that is why we didn’t continue to do it. I did stop trying to do the show because I got busy, but it was a great experience and if I had the chance to do It again with better organization and more tea members I would do it in a blink of an eye.


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