Different Freelance Writing Jobs You May Do Online

If your writing skills are very good, you may decide to complete freelance writing jobs to earn money. There are plenty of different jobs that you may select from depending on your writing skills, education, and inclinations. You should learn about some of them before making your choice.

Online Writing Jobs You May Choose

  • Technical writing.

If you have a technical degree, you may choose to be a technical writer. This type of online writing job will require you to write instructions to different mechanisms and devices in a manner that will be easy to understand for ordinary people. If you’re good at explaining difficult technical information in a reader-friendly way, it’s likely that this job will suit you.

  • Medical writing.

With a medical education and well-developed writing skills, you may decide to be a medical writer. If you choose this job you’ll have to compose articles on medical topics for different audiences. Sometimes, you’ll have to write for professionals in the medical field. At other times, you may be required to create texts that should educate ordinary people on some medical topics.

  • Sports news writing.

If you like sports and have a good knowledge about this general topic, you may become a freelance sports news writer. There are many websites that pay you to write articles related to the recent sports events. You may even select a narrow specialization within this niche and write only about football, for example, if your knowledge about it is really impressive.

  • Essay writing.

If you have a degree in English and like to write academic papers, you may become a freelance essay writer. Having chosen this job you’ll have to compose custom papers for students. This might be a very interesting job because you’ll have to write papers on different topics depending on the preferences of your customers.

  • Ghost writing.

This is a job that will demand very good writing skills from you. Ghost writers are hired to write books the credit for which will go to other people. If you are a ghost writer, you’ll have to be able to both write top-quality texts and copy the writing styles of your clients.

How to Search for Writing Jobs Online

  • Use social networks.

On your accounts in social media, you may state that you’re an online writer and list the exact services that you provide. This is a passive but useful way to get new customers. People who visit your accounts will see that you’re a freelancer. If they need your services, they’ll contact you.

  • Go to job boards.

On online job boards, you may advertise your freelance services and actively seek customers. It’s likely that with some clients found on job boards, you may establish long and profitable cooperation if you treat their orders seriously and work diligently.

Now, you know about several types of jobs that you may do as an online writer. If they don’t appeal to you, you may search for other types of work that will suit you better depending on a degree that you have and skills that you’ve developed.


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