Why Describing Your College Life Can Be Useful – Start Your Personal Blog

Being a college student can be both wonderful and stressful. With so many opportunities, lectures and assignments to process on a daily basis, you’re wondering if you are ever going to have some time for yourself. 

Blogging is a great way to create a personal ritual that you can enjoy and use to develop some very important life skills along the way. Let’s take a look at how and why blogging about your college life can be useful so you can start your personal blogging career in no time at all.

Get over tough times

Anyone who was ever a college student will know this is true. As a student, you face a huge amount of stress each day. The amount of work you have to do and classes you have to attend is large, and that’s only half of your job as a student. There is studying to be done, projects to be written and on top of that, you have to maintain your social life.

There is a huge strain on every student out there, and blogging is a great way to get through all of that. You can use your blog as a personal venting place and share your concerns or fears about college with others. Talking about what’s bothering you is often a great way to overcome stress and anxiety, and once your blog takes off and gains followers, you will also realize you are not alone.

Develop writing skills

Blogging is more than tweeting, and you will soon realize that you have to format and proofread your articles just as you would a paper. Writing a blog on a regular basis will help you develop a writing style and learn a few useful skills that you can apply in your college writing as well. It takes the time to become a better writer, but if you start blogging regularly, you will unconsciously become better at it and this will make a huge difference between you and your classmates who only write when they have to.

Express your ideas

Your blog is your safe haven. That means that the only rules that apply are the ones you set for yourself. You can write about anything you want and share your thoughts and ideas with the world. People who like the way you think will appreciate what you are doing and give you support. Those who don’t won’t bother with visiting your blog, so you will always have a healthy community to look out to.

This is an amazing solution to brainstorming ideas and seeing what sticks with you. You can even set a time for each day that you will write something new, forcing you to come up with new ideas each day and keep developing your creativity – it’s only up to you.

Build a network

Creating content on your blog on a regular basis will attract attention. From time to time, people will comment, share, and sometimes even contact you directly with tips, greetings or gratitude. This is an amazing way to build connections and a healthy network of your peers and colleagues who know you for who you are on the blog.

Writing about your college life is a great way to attract like-minded people to you and build a huge community that supports each other and offers solutions to common problems. Once your network is established you can even meet them or use connections outside the blog itself and in the business world, you will all occupy tomorrow. Start building connections early on through blogging and let people know you a bit better in doing so.

Website management

Writing about your college life is more than just typing at your keyboard. Your blog, just like any other website out there, is going to need some management. Using a blogging platform such as Tumblr or WordPress is a great way to alleviate some of the growing pains you will have as a blogger. Even so, you will need to use tools such as Office, Photoshop, basic HTML and CSS, and content creation.

Luckily for you, all of those tools are available for download and study online, so you can catch up on any skills you are lacking in no time. Your content writing and SEO will take some time to develop and in the meantime, you can use a professional writing service to help you out when you are stuck. A platform such as Best Writers Online will give you an idea about what kind of help you can get when it comes to writing and editing your content.

Learn how to improvise

Sometimes you might not know what to write about. Other times, you might not know how to format a picture to fit your paragraph in a perfect way. This means that you will have a lot of improvising to do. This is an amazing way to develop your improvisation skills in a risk-free environment.

If you skip on a daily blog or format a paragraph in a bad way, no one will blame you for it. However, if you do it in a working environment tomorrow, the story might be different. This means that you should take the opportunity to develop your solution oriented improvisation skills while you can in college, and blogging is a perfect way to do so.

Improve your resume

Believe it or not, maintaining your personal blog is an amazing way to improve your resume. A number of skills you will develop is vast and varied, and employers love seeing creative and self-conscious candidates looking for work. Make sure that you include your personal blog information and link in your resume whenever you apply for a job position down the line. This is a great way to spend your time productively, creatively and usefully since all of it will pay off down the line when you are about to start your professional career.


Becoming a blogger takes some time and effort, but once you find a routine and develop a style and identity, all of it will become a child’s play. As you can see, creating a personal blog will not only help you manage stress and college workload. It will also help you develop much-needed skills that you can use once you are outside the classroom. Don’t shy away from doing something new and try creating a personal blog – you might just like it more than you thought.

By Nelma Lumme


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