Common Challenges Students Face When Joining University and How to Tackle them

Starting a university/college education is often challenging. Some people equate it to starting a new life. Students have to leave home and start a new journey of freedom, self-reliance, self-discovery, and adult life. These problems can affect their lives in college and productivity. However, knowing these challenges and tackling them beforehand can help fresh college students adjust well and succeed early. Here are three common challenges that students often face before and when joining university.

Course Selection

Most students aren’t sure what they will study in university when they finish high school. It takes them time to figure out the courses in the university of their choice. The best thing is to talk to your parents, mentor, or career coach and let them help you understand your potential and the courses that fit you. It’s also important to talk to the university’s career advisor to discuss the courses they offer. For example, if you’re an international student, it would benefit you more to learn about the courses at American International before you join because it’s an international university with some programs favorable for international students.

Housing or Accommodation Problems

Once you’re accepted at a university, the next thing is to find housing or where to live. You may get a hostel, but it may not be the best accommodation. You’ll have to deeply consider various college factors such as roommates, rent, distance, and facilities. Roommates are especially important because you want to live with someone you get along with. Sorting out your accommodation and having it ready before you move into the university is important. This is even more important if you’re an international student attending AIU or any other international university. You have to make sure your accommodation is available and agreeable before you leave home.

Social Challenges

New students suffer four critical social challenges: adjusting to the new college life, friends, and relationships.

  • New college life: The period of transitioning into a new university life and adjusting to college is often difficult with culture shock, freedom, and self-reliance. The best thing is to give yourself time to adjust and not get overwhelmed with getting everything right.
  • Friends and relationships: Most new students also suffer the challenge of getting new friends and relationships. This shouldn’t be a challenge as long as you understand that university is a place to meet new people and get new experiences. The important thing to do is find people with a like mind and not overindulge then let everything else fall into place. Partying isn’t bad, but if your friends want to over-party at the expense of academics, you should find a new company.


In addition to these three main challenges, students face other challenges like mental death, effective studying, budgeting, and influence. It’s important to seek help or advice whenever you feel something is off. Find someone in school or at home you can consult with to help keep your life going well in school and help you with the transition process.


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