College Traditions: Calling the Hogs Pig Sooie

College Traditions: Calling the Hogs Pig! Sooie!

Calling the Hogs is a tradition of University of Arkansas students, alumni, and sports fans. The origin and date of first use are not known. The cheer is the best-known cheer at the University.

The tradition is said to have started in the 1920s when farmers attempted to encourage a Razorback football team that was losing. The next home game produced a group who repeated the cheer often.

The Hog call is not confined to Razorback Stadium, where it is used before every kickoff, and may be used in locales such as airports and hotels where Razorback fans unite.

Fans begin a hog call with a “Woo”, which increases in volume and also includes raising the arms with fingers wiggling up and down. Razorback fans have stated that the Woo should last eight seconds. The arms are brought down during the “pig” and the hands are clenched into a fist. “Sooie” is accompanied with a fist pump. After the third call, “Razorbacks” is added with two additional fist pumps.


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