College Guide To Successful Essay Writing

Transitioning from high school to college can be a difficult experience for some students. Even though high school should prepare you for college by following similar are educational pattern differences are still very big. By this, we mostly mean about the volume of material you need to learn. It is the next step and it is a big leap forward from what you have previously experienced. In addition, college is the first time most students will live alone away from their families. Essays follow the same routine as other aspects of the educational program. They follow the same structure and form but they are expected to be of much greater academic quality. In the beginning don`t be too shy or too proud to seek some writing help if you are struggling. So professional writing service WriteMyPaper.Today provides writing services and guarantees quality.  Essays are a big part of almost all subjects so you need to know how to do them properly.

Here are a few tips that will help you transition from high school to a college level essay writer.

Writing Thesis:

A thesis should be a short statement about the subject of your essay. The thesis should also make your standpoint on the subject clear. It sets the tone for the rest of your paper. The rest of the paper will be an extended academic exploration of your thesis and argumentation for your position towards the subject. 


Defining the problem you are going to address in your essay is very important. The purpose of defining the problem is introducing the readers of the importance of the subject that is being explored and argued within your paper. It should also, put the problem in a defined context which will show the actual impact and all implications and consequences of the problem. The definition should also address the relevance of the issue to prove that the issue is generally worth exploring and researching for a possible solution. The definition of a problem within an essay is basically pointing out an important issue that will be addressed in the paper that would otherwise go unsolved.


When it comes to evidence, this is where a high school essay and a college one start to have a larger difference. The college essay is expected to be way more researched and presented with far more arguments and possible solutions than a high school one. You should do extensive research and present your sources in a manner that is academically acceptable by your college.It is a big effort in substance and form as well. Many students opt to buy their papers from an essay writing service just to make sure that they will submit a paper that is both good on substance and honors the required form. As said in the beginning essays account for a large portion of the grade and you may not always have the time or energy to do the required level of research so you should not exclude this as an option. Evidence collected should be plentiful and properly presented. They should also be clear and definitive to prove a point you are trying to make.

Analysis & Reflection:

Analysis and reflection are the part of your paper that should actually turn the dry evidence into argumentation. It should present how the found and researched evidence support your claim and point of view defined in the thesis statement. Analysis and reflection should be all about emphasizing the evidence and putting some smaller details to light that argue your point that could otherwise go unnoticed. The part of reflection is to build upon claims and points made through analysis and to support larger claims and overview on the overall impact ofthe presented evidence.

College essays are undeniably more difficult than those you had to do in your high school days. You should not worry much you should come to college with a good foundation for writing essays already established, just build up on you already know and expand from it. Problems with essays occur for many different reasons such as too much work, poor organization, college life in general. If you happen to be among the lucky few that are good with essays and are organized well enough to have some spare time you can put your skills to good use and make some money out of it and write papers for money for other students. College is a great school of life so you need to be resourceful and find a way to survive and come out stronger at the other end of the experience. 


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