Coffee Alternatives for Sleep-Deprived College Students

If you are a college student, you already know the struggle of trying to get enough sleep. Having plenty of energy to go through the day, while studying until late at night is impossible without coffee. But the thing is that everyone’s favorite drink is healthy only up to a certain limit. It can easily cause addiction, which has some negative effects on certain parts of the body. That’s why we decided to make a short list of the best coffee alternatives that will keep you awake, energized and healthy.


Teecino is one of the best coffee alternatives that make the coffee-free transition period much easier. College students get addicted to coffee very easily considering their packed schedule and long learning hours. Although caffeine has several benefits, it can also have numerous negative effects on your health. One of the best things about this alternative is that it’s rich in prebiotics, that have a very positive impact on your gut. All of us need that extra good bacteria to protect us. Teecino is packed with inulin, which strongly promotes the good gut flora. This drink is made of a number of ingredients including roasted chicory, barley, carob, dates, nuts, almonds and more. Teeccino is so great because you can actually choose between the number of different flavors. What makes people love it so much is the similar taste to caffeine, most even say that the taste is identical.

Coffee Alternatives for Sleep-Deprived College Students teeccino

Yerba Mate

This amazing herbal beverage originates from South America. People, there are already obsessed, mostly because it’s healthy and will give you a similar effect to drinking coffee. You can prepare it by simply dipping the leaves of the plant in hot water. Yerba mate is the new super drink that you need in your life. This is another one of those great coffee alternatives because it contains numerous amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients. The taste is very similar to green tea, so if you love drinking it you will also be addicted to yerba mate.

Compared to coffee, this herb contains three-quarters of its caffeine percentage in one cup. But on the other side, it has numerous health benefits, so I’m sure that you will find it as good as coffee. You will notice that you are sleeping better and there are no other unwanted signs and symptoms. The theobromine in yerba mate causes vasodilatation of the bold vessels which leads to an improved blood flow.

Coffee Alternatives for Sleep-Deprived College Students yerba mate

Licorice Tea

If coffee is not your favorite way to stay awake, you can always turn to licorice tea. This sweet and spicy drink has many amazing benefits. For some people, this is a taste that they simply can’t stand. But the ones that do, find it to be one of the best coffee alternatives. College students definitely need that extra energy, and having too much caffeine drinks can easily become an addiction. The licorice tea is caffeine-free and often used for treating a sore throat. This type of tee is packed in a natural sweetener called glycyrrhizin. That’s the main reason why a lot of people turn to licorice during their weight-loss process. Glycyrrhizin is 40 times sweeter than sugar, so if you are having a chocolate crisis you can make yourself a cup of tea.

Coffee Alternatives for Sleep-Deprived College Students licorice tea


Kombucha is the latest favorite drink of celebrities. If you are a sleep-deprived student who always needs that extra energy you can always turn to this drink. It is a mix of fermented drinks and teas, which makes it available in different tastes. It is sweet but contains a low number of calories.

Coffee Alternatives for Sleep-Deprived College Students kombucha


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