Choosing The Best Professors

Choosing The Best Professors

By Maria Fernanda Rada, YOUniversityTV Student Contributing Writer from Lynn University – If you want to absorb as much knowledge and good training as possible, you need a good instructor. You need someone that guides you through the right door and leads you through these new labyrinth of knowledge and experience. I had stellar professors that were very dedicated and smart, that would always offer time after class and between classes to fill me in with details about the subject matter. I had really terrible ones that seemed like they did not want to hear the noise of the students and would turn their back and instead talk to the board. They would constantly ignore students’ questions and it seems like the only thing they would care is literally just finish class! I also had some that I would put in the middle of the spectrum, who were dedicated and smart, but never had real world experience (they never worked, they just have PHDs but no real life experience or connections that they constantly refer to in class).

The best thing you can do to keep good instructors and avoid a semester of bad temper over stress and college disappointment is attend the first class and follow your intuition. Because everyone has different learning abilities and styles, the just “asking around” won’t work. Don’t listen to friends that took the same class 3 years ago. Don’t listen to strangers who took the class to just take and pass with a D. If you need to take the class and the class is offered by different professors, try the class the first day or first week if you don’t have a drop dealine. Observe how the professor likes to interact with students.The first day of class, professors usually introduce themselves and highlight a couple professional accomplishments. Ask him/her what led him to go to a certain business/field. Professors and professionals who answer this question interestingly are most likely to be the best! If you are going to an Ivy League and you have the ex CEO teaching good luck on this amazing opportunity to learn! Professors I had who usually have degrees but no work experience, are less realistic about the outside opportunities that college students are able to get when they graduate. They will not give you as great advice as people who were actually dealing with real life problems. Do not stay with the typical math professor who will talk self language to the board. I cannot list how many of my friends had nightmare with bad military- style math statistics professors! Find out if the instructor has a real passion for what he or she teaches. Remember purpose is ALL!


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