Choosing an Essay Topics That’ll Fire up the Discussion in the Class

The creative process doesn’t come easily to many. Your professor or teacher can give you an essay assignment that will contribute to your final grades. It can either be an essay on a given topic or you have the freedom to choose the subject matter.

Having to write about a given topic can be challenging to some as the issue could be boring. Now, given the option to choose, comes with the challenge of where to start, unless you already have a subject matter you would like to write about in your essay.

You can easily find help on rewrite my essay for me, but you need to know what you are going to write in your assignment. The following tips will help you overcome writer’s block that may manifest when you have the freedom to choose your essay topic:

  • Consider the length of the essay

This should be one of the first steps to take in selecting an ideal subject. Many assignments come with restrictions on the length of the paper. You want to be able to reach the given length with ease and not difficulty.

If for example, the essay should be a maximum of 5 pages, choose a subject matter that is narrow. Adopting a broad topic may make you overgeneralize your arguments. Get a paraphrase essay online, where possible.

  • Brainstorm on ideas on your subject of interest

When you don’t have a specific topic for discussion in mind, you should try brainstorming on possible subject areas. Look around you for inspiration. Write down every idea that comes to you. It should be within the discipline that you are expected to write in the assignment.

Focus on the areas that intrigue you. Settling for a subject matter that doesn’t interest you will only lead to getting stuck in the process of writing. Evaluate each option keenly. If you can’t settle for a particularly exciting topic, then choose the one that seems more interesting than the others.

As you evaluate your selection of topics, consider settling for the option that will cause you to discuss or analyze, and not summarize. Ask yourself this, will it lead to a reasonable thesis?

  • Do you have enough resource materials

Whether you choose a narrow or a broad topic, you need to have resources to back up your content. Find a subject area that is easy to develop with sufficient details. Without relevant and necessary materials, the chances are that you may not be able to finish writing the paper.

This point mainly applies to research topics. Well, if you are going to write about your childhood you may only need to rely on your memory and recollection of others. It may not be that difficult to find.

  • Change it if it doesn’t work out

It happens, you may be excited about writing on a particular topic. Before you get halfway through it, you run out of words or arguments. At this point, many will look at the efforts made and feel that having to start afresh could be a waste of time.

IF this is the case that you are in, don’t be afraid to go back to the drawing board and choose a different topic. After all, you want to produce work that you can comfortably express your arguments without becoming bland or limited by the length of the essay.


Selecting the right topic will help to ensure that your ideas flow through the writing process. Get the inspiration that you need and settle for an issue that intrigues you and one that is backed with adequate information.

When you are through you can get paraphrase my essay help, online.

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