Career Trends : 10 Profitable Freelance Jobs for College Students

There are lots of opportunities for college students to earn some extra bucks and cover some daily educational and personal expenses. These opportunities became available with the rise of online employment that offers flexible schedule and part-time involvement. This arrangement is perfect for students, so many of them use the opportunity to continue the studies and pursue their educational goals. In this article, we will cover ten profitable freelance jobs for college students that help them to cover the expenses. If you are a student in need of some career advice while still in college or just look for some part-time employment, you will find some interesting ideas here that will minimize your financial burden.

Most of them are internet-based, so you will be able to work from anywhere you want.

10 Profitable Freelance Jobs for College Students

1. Article Writer

If you enjoy writing, this first option could be a good source of extra money. There are many companies looking for people who can write stuff about specific topics. For example, online businesses are constantly looking for writers to provide product reviews, landing page texts, and other content for websites. These vacancies can be found on freelance platforms and typical job hunting sites, so you can create a resume and let everybody know that you provide writing services.

Who knows, maybe you will become a web content guru. Their salary starts from $41,447 per year (not bad)! A big chunk of that can be yours.

2. Blog Writer

Another legitimate writing occupation for students that has been very popular in the recent years. There are two ways to earn money here: by starting your own blog or working for somebody. The latter option is more frequently used by college students because they do not have a lot of time to mess around with blog creation and marketing (it is a lengthy process). However, you might get hired by a business that needs a blogger for its website. There are a lot of topics that you could be asked to write about (travel, product reviews, everyday experience, life hacks, and even student life), so select carefully.

Read this guide on how to make money with your blog in 2017 from Shoutmeloud to get ready.

3. Online Tutor

If you have high grades in, say, history, why not teach it to others in the spare time? You can get involved in tutoring by creating an online resume or asking around for people for need some help with the subject you know well. This could be a great option for those who are passionate in teaching others because it allows to try being an educator. Plus, there is not a lot to learn to start, just some basics. Apart from the lesson plans, you will need to define the scheduling process and use technology (which should not be hard).

And remember that tutors don’t work traditional 9-to-5 jobs and can teach from home, on weekends, or at nights.

4. T-Shirt Designer

If you love graphic design, try yourself in this area! There are many opportunities for that: for example, sites like Sazzle and Teespring are among the most popular in the game right now. There, you can submit your own t-shirt design and make some money by selling it to others. Other clothing such as hoodies can also be designed there as well.

5. Online researcher

Business professionals often need assistants that provide them with relevant information to make decisions. These assistants are essentially online researchers whose main responsibility is to collect information and deliver it to clients in a timely manner. It is a good option for college students because it also allows them to work using a flexible schedule. Moreover, no professional expertise is required to work as an online researcher.

The salary of online researchers often reaches $37 an hour. That clearly is enough to cover many expenses in college, agree?

6. Fitness Instructor

If you have been in love with sports and fitness, college might be a great opportunity to try being a fitness instructor. Colleges and companies often hire students to teach yoga, spin, and more, but you have to be certified in order to be qualified. Do not be discouraged, though: certifications can be easily obtained online. One of the most popular sites for that is International Sports Sciences Association that offers certifications after studying a brief course.

Why not start getting paid for being in a good shape?

7. Social Media Coordinator

You might be surprised but there are many companies ready to pay you for keeping their social media profiles active. The online presence is critically important for their success because it allows them to connect with more potential customers, so they are looking for people to help with that. The list of responsibilities of social media coordinators includes creating and uploading posts, interacting with people, and updating the profile. It may be a very simple job if you enjoy social media.

8. Academic Writer

Many professional writing services as Aussiewriter hire students to write Academic assignments. That makes perfect sense because students know the needs of their peers plus they may have majors in specific subjects. Hiring students therefore is one of the best options because they can provide assignment help as they know the formatting styles, common requirements to writing, and they know how critical it is to deliver the work before the deadline.

So if you are good at writing your college assignments, we suggest you try this option.

9. Translator

As the globalization deepens, more and more people are connected through the Internet around the world, so translation services will certainly be in demand. So if you are fluent in language other than English, you might try yourself as a translator. Translators Café is a good place to start getting familiar with the industry.

10. Transcriber

The transcription industry has been growing alongside the translation for quite some time. This growth has been fueled by the rise of webinars, digital boardrooms, and video conferencing that have a lot of interactions to be converted into text. The best way for college students is to create a profile on freelance platforms like Upwork and look for transcribing projects.

The Bottom Line

Becoming a freelancer is a decision many students make to get some extra money. Think about what option might be the most suitable for you and try! You never know how good you can be unless you start working. All options described in this article are not risky at all for your college career because they are internet-based, so you won’t have to leave campus to do your job. What a great way to learn experience and continue studying, agree? Happy working!

Scott Ragin is a passionate writer and blogger, who loves guiding other people through their daily routine.


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