Buildings Matter: Choose a Cool Building with a Cool RA!

Buildings Matter: Choose a Cool Building with a Cool RA!

By Maria Fernanda Rada, YOUniversityTV Student Contributing Writer – Lynn University — When Jill, my first roommate decided to room with her best friend instead, the school had to place me with a new girl in another building. I was sad to leave the building because I made so many cool neighbor friends. Instead they placed me at a new building called the Horenlee. This building was old and because the most conservatory students lived in it, there was always loud classical music playing. It was annoying. You really should investigate a bit about the different dorm buildings that your campus offers before accepting to be moved to a not so loved one. Another thing that I did not like about this old building were the bathrooms. At my old building, the bathrooms where always clean. The showers worked perfectly and the lighting was normal. At this other old one on the other hand, the bathroom floors did not look clean. Because the showers were smaller, I did not enjoy showering there and then stepping on a brownish greenish tiles. To top it off the people were not as friendly. I remember in my old building, the Resident Assistants organized nice activities to celebrate the end of the week every Friday after class. Sometimes they had something called Fresh Food Friday Party, which was a gathering of all the wing’s students were you could share fresh fruit and dance to your favorite music. It was fun and healthy and it gave you the chance to meet more people from the wing that you never spoke to. Everyone had cool stories to tell and the RA cracked hilarious jokes.

She became my friend and my mentor until even after college. The RA at the new building never would show up, never decorated the wing’s isles and I never got to know him as well as my RA Natalie.


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