Best Tips to Make Your Academic Performance Better

(Best Tips to Make Your Academic Performance Better) Every student wants to achieve great results at college and graduate with honors. It’s basically the goal of your academic studies. And because college affects every student’s future career, it’s necessary to invest time and effort into your studies. But how do you actually study smarter, instead of harder?

The most common advice everyone gives to students is to study harder, when in fact, the key lies in lies in the opposite idea. Keep on reading to find out how you can manage your studies better and still get the results you desire.

  1. Be Strategic

It’s necessary to have a plan and a strategy when it comes to studying. If you have a strategy, the time it takes for you to study and finish all your tasks will significantly decrease, making you more efficient as a student. And which student doesn’t want to study smarter?

Start off by using a planner or a Google Calendar and write down all your assignments and work that needs to be done. But focus on your weekly schedule and daily tasks. Break down the assignments into sections. Go through each section at a time, and don’t leave them undone because of the fact that your friend called and you had a one-hour chat. That way at the end of the week you’ll build up pressure and frustration and disable yourself from studying efficiently.

There are plenty of other tools besides your planner that can help you study smarter: OpenStudy, which is a platform, where you can study various topics along with other students, BenchPrep, a useful resource to get prepared for exams and tests, Essaysontime, a service where you can get help with all your writing assignments to meet the deadline, FetchNotes to take and structure your notes in class effectively. Make sure to have your own list of helpful tools bookmarked in order to reach them in no time.

  1. Change Your Habits

If you’ve developed bad habits that take a lot of time or strength out of you, such as smoking, eating junk food, think about changing these. The way you take care of yourself throughout the day can influence your ability to study.

Stop spending too much time on social media, or outside if you know you can’t get your obligations done. Focus on changing the habits that are preventing you from getting good grades and studying effectively.

  1. Use Your Free Time

We’re talking about the time you’re standing in a very long line, riding the bicycle home, taking the train or just time in between your classes. Don’t wander around aimlessly. This is the perfect time to get some extra reading done, to listen to recordings from your class or to read your notes. Every minute counts when it comes to your studies.

  1. Plan Your Daily Life

Along with planning your studying, you should also plan your everyday life. If you have to do daily errands such as shopping, cleaning, cooking or you just want to spend more time outside hanging out with your friends, make sure to put it in your planner. Once you put these in your planner, you’ll have a visual representation of when you are able to do them in order to balance it with your college assignments.

  1. Study Every Day

You don’t have to study all day, every day, but you can take the time to at least read your notes once a day. You’ll be surprised how much this can influence your overall studies. Even if you only read your lecture after your class, you’ll find that studying for the exam is much easier, as reading your lesson right after class is going to help you easily memorize it. It’s essential to make regular short breaks in between studying sessions to freshen up your mind.

  1. Create a Study Nook

Don’t study in the same place where you eat, sleep or have fun. Create your own study nook, which should be a quiet place, with no distractions and where all the reading and studying materials are, so you don’t have to leave your nook while you’re studying.

  1. Balance Studying with Entertainment

You can’t actually study efficiently without taking the time to have some fun. You have to balance hard work and leisure. If you catch yourself not having the time to have fun, make sure to insert that time into your plan and respect that schedule. But keep in mind, as much as it is important to socialize and unwind, control the amount of time you’re entertaining yourself. Just as your assignments, your fun time should be planned out.

  1. Resist Procrastination

Do everything you can today. Don’t postpone your assignments especially if you have power and spare hours to do it today. Of course, you enjoy having as much free time as possible, but coursework and assignments have a funny way of catching up on you when you least need and want it.

These are the tips and tricks that are going to get you through college and studies with less pressure, better grades, and teach you how to be more organized and effective in the future. Do you have any of your own tips on how you study smart? Be sure to share!

Sophia Anderson is an associate educator, tutor and freelance writer. She is passionate about covering topics on learning, writing, self-improvement, motivation and others. She believes in the driving force of positive attitude and constant development. Get in touch with her on Facebook or LinkedIn.


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