Best Student Hacks Every Student Has To Know

Student life is not easy, let me tell you that. In the beginning, it can be a real struggle. You do not live at home anymore, where everything is simple and perfect. In the dorms, you’ll have to figure out things yourself. Plus, you’ll have to be a responsible adult. A lot of students find that hard, but with the right tips, you can go through anything. We gathered some super-easy and efficient student hacks everyone needs to know. If you want to make your life easier go through the tricks below.

Take Notes With Different Colored Pens

Color is a huge memory booster. That means, don’t write all of your notes with a single pen. Get a whole range in different colors and switch them up. This is one of the best student hacks you can use during lectures and at home as well. Get a different pen once there is a new part in the lecture that belongs to a new subheading. According to research, color can stimulate memory and help with the remembering of data. You will notice a big change right away. Colorful pens cost only a few dollars, so it’s worth to try this tip.

Get A Laptop Lock

There’s actually a laptop lock, can you imagine that? And you definitely need it in your life, especially if this is your first year and you’re living in a dorm. You will meet so many other students and all kinds of people. Since no one likes people getting in their laptops and going through their things, this lock sounds like the perfect idea. That way you can even leave your room unlocked when you have to leave only for 10 minutes. The holiday season is almost here, which means you can treat yourself a laptop lock as one of the best student hacks ever.

Use The Study Incentive Scheme

This is one of those tips that will help you focus and study much better. It uses food, so you will definitely be much more motivated. But what does it actually mean? It’s pretty simple. You set your own goals and guidelines.  At the end of each chapter put a treat and once you reach it, you can enjoy the treat. It can be gummy bears, chocolate, literally anything that keeps you going. You don’t want to overdo it, of course, otherwise, your weight will show a different story.

Clean The Keyboard With A Post-It Note

Post-it notes are not only meant for a single purpose. Laptops of students are not the cleanest ones, let’s be honest. The chances are you had your lunch over the laptop so now half of it is all over the keyboard. There’s a very fast and easy solution to it. Use your post-it notes. You will need the sticky part, which you’ll place it in between the keys. It will remove the dirt and everything else that’s stuck there.

Learn How To Cool Bottles Quickly

There will be times when the fridge is full, so it doesn’t fit your beer bottles. No one likes warm beer, so we bring you the fastest alternative how to cool it down. All you have to do is wrap the bottle in a wet towel or paper. Leave the bottle in the fridge like that and let it stay in for around 15 minutes. Once you take it out you’ll have a cold bottle of beer. You can do the same with any other bottled drink that you need.

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