Best Sources For Students To Improve Writing Skills

We live in such an advanced world that, anywhere you go, there is some form of writing involved. Whether it is just school work, writing emails or updating posts on the many social media platforms. If you want to communicate well, then writing effectively will make you successful.

When it comes to writing well, having your grammar or sentence structure in place is just not enough. Although grammar is important and forms the backbone of any good writing, you need more than just good grammar. If you want your writing communication to stand out and to get that edge over your peers, you will need writing that doesn’t use many cliches, adverbs, or have too many hard-to-read sentences.

But, how will you know if your paper contains cliches, adverbs, or have too many hard-to-read sentences?

As a student or even a full time writer, when you work on your papers, there are times when you may miss obvious errors. It happens to the best of writers. Your eyes have seen the paper over and over so many times that you are immune to errors easily noticed by a fresh pair of eyes.

Now if those fresh pair of eyes can give you suggestions for improvement, then wouldn’t that be something?! This is where using sources to improve your writing skills come in. You can choose from the many websites and applications available, but to help you save time, here are the best sources for students to improve your writing skills.

Editor Word

As the name goes, this website offers proofreading and editing services to students, faculty and professionals all over the world. It is very easy to use and surprisingly affordable for students. There is a price calculator to quickly help you set expectations. The search filters make it very easy to choose the writer/editor of your choice. The writers that can help you with your paper here are not only very helpful, but also professional.


You can get a browser extension and blogging software for a grammar check, spell check, and basic editing – for free! It is a very user-friendly tool. It is very useful if you need help with your grammar desperately. It doesn’t stop just with grammar, this website and the browser extension helps you with your writing style as well. It highlights passive phrases, and other common errors found in writing. To use this tool, you will have to be online – that is, you will need to have an internet connection to use it.


The website offers everything you need related to academic writing. One of the best aspects of this website, is its customer service – It’s excellent! You have multiple channels to get in touch with their customer service; there’s phone, which is open all day and night. The online chat option is also available – even before you place any orders. The prices are flexible. Prices depend on the turnaround time and the quality of the assignment. Besides the 20% discount for new customers, depending on the number of pages you order, there is a 5-10% discount permanently available onsite. Apart from these benefits, the free rewrites, top-class privacy, and plagiarism report on your essay makes this tool very attractive!


The unique selling proposition of this website is that they have the fastest turnaround times – as fast as even 12 hours! The writers are professional and and come with different domain expertise. For students who may only be comfortable having their papers edited by American writers, then this source is for you. All writers are local and you can speak to anyone, even the manager if you wanted to. They have a fixed budget and usually charge by the word. For rewrites, charges are hourly-based. If you wanted to place an order, all you need to do is contact the website, get an estimate, make payments and wait for your paper.


This is one of the most affordable paid applications. It has an edit mode and a writing mode. Either way, you can see your text immediately flagged with common writing errors such as hard to read sentences, passive voice, adverbs, and phrases that can be replaced with simpler terms. It also gives you a quick word count, number of characters, phrases and sentences as well; although there are times when the word count is not accurate. This application is definitely headed in the right direction, however it still needs a few features such as the basic spell checker, formatting for quotes and help for citations. Then again for $9.99 lifetime price, this app is a bargain for their grammar and sentence structure suggestions.

So have you worked with any of these sources? Which one is your favorite? Is there any other source that can be added to this list? Comment below.

By Alicia Honeycutt


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