Best International Travel Destinations for Students

Best International Travel Destinations for Students

The world is growing in its interest for comprehensively or globally minded individuals, and one of the ideal approaches to accomplish this is through travel and discovery. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important for students to travel and explore some of the international destinations. This article samples five of the best international travel destinations that international students can visit of educational and recreational purposes.

  1. Italy

Italy is without doubt the best international travel destination in the world. The country is a rich source of history, food, and art, which many students will find not only enjoyable, but also educative. Some of the notable features that dots Italy’s landscape include pre-Christian religion and relics of the Roman Empire such as the Colosseum’s ruins, as well as works by Renaissance artists, which are found mainly in different chapels and museums. In addition, the Museums in Italy contain both modern and historic art, as well as military and archeological artifacts that visiting student would find beneficial for their filed studies.

  1. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is famous for its wide range of activities including sports, theatres, and culture. Students visiting the United Kingdom will experience towers, cathedrals, and palaces that reflect London’s ancient history. Other sites that students would find interesting and educational include medieval castle, inactive volcano, monuments, museums, and botanical gardens in cities such as London.

  1. France

International students visiting France would have the opportunity to explore the museums, particularly those located in Paris, as they compile wide range of historical and modern objects including ancient art, famous Impressionists, Renaissance, and modern art. Furthermore, students will find the city’s cathedral, which ranges in style from Gothic, French baroque, and Romanesque, very interesting and informative. France also has regional cuisines, historic cities, and quaint villages that would be of particular interest to students.

  1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica has wide range of beautiful sceneries including rainforests, volcanoes, limestone caverns, hot springs, and beaches that makes it an ideal ecotourism destination for students, particularly international students undertaking geographic field trip. Costa Rica also have attractive nature preserves and national parks, as well as wide range of astonishing animal species such as sloths, brightly colored birds, and monkeys that visiting students would find interesting and educative to them.

  1. Ireland

Ireland, like France and Italy, has a rich history and culture that international students will enjoy when they visit the country. Some of the notable historical sites and artifacts in Ireland include historic churches, gardens, ancient Celt forwards, and museums, which student would enjoy seeing both for recreational and educational purposes. The mountainous and green landscapes of Cork, Donegal, and Kikenny, as well as the unique musical styles of the people of Ireland would also be of particular interest to students visiting the country.

International students looking for best places to visit across the globe should consider visiting these five places. Other honorable mentions include Spain, China, Australia, Ecuador, and Germany. Individuals visiting these places not only enjoy themselves, but also learn about the culture and heritage of the people of these countries. Therefore, amazing cities, sites, and events in these countries are beneficial for both recreation and educational purposes.



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