Best Free Study Tools for Students in 2018

With the ever-rising need to study outside of the regular academic curriculum, students are often left lost as to which tools they should use. The internet is a vast place with a plethora of choices when it comes to study tools, but not all of them are of equal quality or provide what they initially promise. Let’s take a look at some of the best free study tools that every student should include in their arsenal.

Whether you are studying about humanitarian sciences, history, math or finance, Khan Academy has you covered. The platform started with a mission of providing equal, free education to everyone who can’t afford proper academic education.

This has made the platform two-fold; you can study about your subjects of interest from scratch or simply jump in wherever you think is best suited for you. Using Khan Academy is completely free and the team behind the website sustains their operations through donations and charity.

Organizing college notes and finding your way around your busy student schedule can sometimes be too much to handle. Finding tools that does most of the heavy lifting for you is a must, and Evernote is here to provide.

The tool can be used from a number of devices and operating systems, meaning that you can access your notes and scheduled activities from wherever you are. Evernote offers basic features completely free of charge, with more advanced features requiring a minor monthly subscription.

While Udemy is similar to Khan Academy at first glance, these platforms are nowhere near the same as they might seem. Udemy specializes in specific skills, niches and actionable how-to tutorials and guides that can help you achieve the necessary proficiency in different areas.

Many students start college without skills that are required by the curriculum, and while sites such as Citatior can help you get ahead at first; you should work on brushing up on those skills as soon as possible. Udemy offers a lot of courses for free, while regular discounts and attractive loyalty programs successfully cover the rest.

No matter what subject you are preparing for, chances are that you will need some literature to help you out. Gutenberg offers a repository of over 50,000 free books for download, including major literary works from writers such as Charles Dickens and his contemporaries. This site isn’t only useful for students of literature however, since it includes specialized and niche literature as well – all completely free of charge.

As the name suggests, UnplugTheTV aims to alleviate one of the worst problems students come across while studying. The site is designed to help you focus on studying by playing scientific, historical documentary videos related to your personal filters. This means that you can still look at videos on the internet and feel as if you are procrastinating even though you are technically learning something new and useful to your profession.

Reddit has often been described as the heart of internet – you can find discussions and information just about anything in the world. UReddit is its college contemporary, boasting a large selection of user-generated lessons, topics and study materials available for public use. The site is completely free to use and you will surely find relevant materials no matter what subject you might be studying for – after all, it’s Reddit we are talking about.

Open-source learning platforms have grown at an exponential rate since the birth of internet, and EdX is only the latest example of one such website. The site is designed to provide all the necessary information someone should have access to in regards to different professional fields.

The selection of skills and courses EdX offers potential students includes data and statistics, engineering, business and management, as well as languages to name a few. All of these courses are available for free, with an accent on practical and actionable skills that students can apply in their day-to-day curriculum or exam preparation.

In summation

Today’s students are often unaware of the possibilities offered by the free access to information on the internet. Many of them dread from the thought of having to go through endless books and notes with very little context or relevant information to real-life work they are preparing for as future professionals.

These platforms aim to improve their study experience by offering free alternatives and secondary sources of information which can help teach and motivate. Pick several tools that match your personal needs and criteria and don’t shy away from informal sources of learning – sometimes they are more up-to-date than actual schools and universities.

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