Benefits of College Prep Courses

Benefits of College Prep Courses

Parents worry about affording higher education for their children. They have every right to be concerned, as the cost of tuition climbs each year, making them wonder how they are going to be able to afford paying for their child’s four-year degree.

There is something that your children can do to help curb the cost of that anticipated degree. By enrolling in a college prep course, your child can earn credit toward their four-year degree while completing state-regulated high school.

Financial Interests

Though rigorous, these programs are designed to help with the financial burden that you would face once your child graduates from high school. Scholarships are limited, and even if you are barely making ends meet, you may be over the legal income requirement for financial aid. Even public-funded, two-year schools charge hundreds of dollars per credit hour.

Depending on the program, and when your child starts, there is a possibility that a high school diploma is not the only thing they earn at the end of their 12th grade year. Some courses are constructed to allow your child to graduate with their Associate of Arts degree, as well.

As these programs allow your child to earn credits, they eliminate the need for these classes to be taken once they enroll in the post-high school program of their choice. Your child can enter college as a junior during their first year and graduate from the university two years sooner.

In addition to saving your child two years of work, once they get to the university level, you are also saving yourself two years’ worth of tuition. Currently, the cost for the majority of these accelerated learning programs is free. Your student will just have to comply with the school’s academic rules. While considering cost, there are many free programs available, and those who are enrolled in private high schools and taking these courses will still have to pay the registration fees and private school tuition.

Does it Work

While you may not be spending money for this type of program, your child will be spending a lot of time working and studying, so it is only fair to ask if the program works. Studies have shown some amazing results. For example, of the over 5,000 students that graduated from a college prep school in 2010, achievements for students in this program surpassed their peers in traditional educational systems.

Studies have also shown that at the time of high school graduation, 23.3 percent are also earning their associate degree. Additionally, 77 percent continued with their post-high school education, with 52 percent enrolling in four-year universities.

Furthermore, studies indicate that the vast majority of students enrolled in this type of course are the first in their families to get an education beyond high school.

Bottom Line

Enrolling in a college prep course is a grueling experience. Your child is going to be expected to work hard at both high school and upper-level class work. It can be overwhelming for some teens. However, the benefits for those who are willing to put in the long hours of study are worth every minute.

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