How to Become an Overachiever in College

How to Become an Overachiever in College – Our college years are a significant part of our lives. Its complexity is generated by the huge number of mature choices that you have to make, by the distractions you have to avoid, and by the preparation of your professional career and future.

Most of your career choices will change the course of your life. It’s a cause and effect process, in which your smallest actions and decisions dictate your future. More than often, we make bad choices that we later regret. Starting your adult life with regrets is quite unproductive, especially if you want to be successful.

Why is College Time Important?

Answering this question is quite easy; there are numerous benefits that college brings you over the years. It’s important to know what exactly you want to do and learn during college. If you already have a purpose in mind, you can just go with the flow until you reach the desired results.

Personal Development

College time is a great moment to begin your personal development journey. Successful people live with the belief that the human mind should never stop learning new things. Start with this belief and start educating yourself by reading non-fiction books, by volunteering, by joining extracurricular activities, and by making mentors.

Cultivate Relationships

Our resourcefulness will often dictate the degree of our personal and professional success. If you know people from more fields of activity, you’ll be able to trade services. You can help with a problem and expect a favor in return whenever you deal with issues that they can solve. College is a great time to cultivate productive and long-lasting relationships and connections.

Life Experiences

By the time you enroll in college, you’ll live the “teenage years”. These years carry a huge role in your long-term development. You may live your first love story, you may accomplish great results in a field, and you can live the “time of your life” having fun with your friends.

Becoming an Overachieving Student

When you’re in college you basically have two choices: spend a lot of time at parties, or focus on your growth and on the development of your professional skills. Being an overachiever isn’t for everyone; it takes a lot of time and effort, and especially sacrifices.

When you choose to sacrifice your fun and your social life just so you can be better at what you do, you’re on the right track. During today’s article, we’ll take a look at how an average student can become an overachiever during college.

If you’re bothering to read these tips, please understand that your reading activity is totally useless unless you also take action. A strategy is never going to deliver results unless proper action is being performed.

1. Time-Management Skills

In order to be an overachiever, you must be in total control over your time. We all get 24 hours; even Donald Trump gets the same amount of hours as we all do, and he managed to create a trillion dollar net revenue and become the US president in a matter of ten to twenty years.

He is basically an overachiever, and he’s most likely to care A LOT about his time. Start looking for some time-management teaching resources and start learning some strategies. Follow those strategies and try to leverage your time as much as you can. It’s the only resource that’s never coming back, so give it the proper respect.

2. Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is absolutely essential for a proper professional development. In case you have already decided that you want to become an overachiever, you may have already started to cultivate a growth mindset. This means that you want to learn more, do things better, and ultimately become the best version of yourself.

Without this type of mindset, you’ll most likely to encounter lots of problems on your way towards success. When things go wrong in your life, your mindset can get you out of trouble and immediately put you back on track. Nurture your mindset and always try to add new productive beliefs to it.

3. Self-discipline

The ability to stay in control is pretty much a rare trait nowadays. We’re surrounded by thousands of distractions in our daily lives, and we’re the only ones who can choose whether to let them disturb us or not. If we respect our time and work, we will stop the urge to procrastinate, to do something less important, or to wander away from our goals.

Cultivating self-discipline is probably the most daunting task for most of the today’s professionals. Our unconscious mind will often send us urging signals to perform different actions. If we’re aware of this mental process, we can immediately avoid unproductive thoughts and actions just by choosing to stay with your conscious decisions instead of the unconscious ones.

4. Commitment and Hard Work

Wishing to have something isn’t the same thing as the urge or the strong need of having something. If you only “wish” for something to happen – better grades for example – you got it all wrong. You must want it badly and be certain that you’ll never stop pursuing it until you succeed.

An overachiever always plans his achievements and then immediately commits to them. If you’re not committed, every obstacle will bring you down and will encourage you to give up on your plans. Hard and smart work are the aspects that complete the whole aspect. So if you want something badly, commit and take action!

5. Consistency

Commitment, hard work, and smart work are truly important if you want to become an overachiever. The next step? Consistency. If you can be consistent with what you do, you’ll hardly encounter problems that can’t be overcome. Consistency is also a rare trait that most successful people possess.

In order to cultivate consistency, you must use your commitment, goals, and plans in order to make progress. Whenever you notice problems and issues, you should continue with your process. Be consistent with your methods and actions and it will all be worth it in the end. With consistency, the results will clearly be visible.

6. Resistance to Giving Up

NEVER GIVE UP. You’ve probably heard of this saying; it applies to any type of activity, to any type of individual, and to any type of profession. Some people give up, some don’t. The latest mentioned are the ones who become successful and widely known, while the first examples are likely to stay mediocre or average.

Kevin Johnson, HR and social media manager at Australian Writings quotes: “If you start something and you’re still supposed to finish it, never give up when you come across setbacks. Obstacles come and go; they test us in order to see if we’re worth the success that we desire. If you fail, that only means that you have received the feedback for your actions. If you want different results, start changing your actions!”


If you truly wish to become an overachiever, you need to be aware of the fact that only those who truly commit and work hard will have success. Being an overachiever doesn’t mean being anti-social. You can combine fun and work while keeping in mind one rule: professional life over fun.

If you can live your college life with this mindset and you’re also cultivating the traits and skills mentioned above, you’re most likely to succeed with your plans. Don’t forget to take action and keep persisting whenever you get unfulfilling results.

Jessica Freeman is an experienced journalist and a freelance writer. She feels passionate about writing and prefers developing such topics as education, motivation, and career improvements. Get in touch with her on Twitter.


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