Basic College Admission Essay Tips You Have To Know

Getting into college can turn out to be one of the most important events in your life. Although a lot of students don’t put enough effort into their college admission essay, you sure have to prepare it well because it can have a huge influence in the final result. If you are really struggling with what to write in the essay, these tips will really help you make up your mind. Focus very well and you’ll do great!

Show It To People

There will be someone reading the essay anyway, so why not ask for an opinion from your friends or family. Find two people whose judgment you trust and show them what you’ve done so far. You can really use insight from an outside person because we can’t really notice the mistakes we’re making. Both positive and negative criticism is welcomed. If the ones reading it are impressed, you’ll know right away. If not, you still have the time to do corrections and make it work the second time around.

Be Yourself

If a college decides that to accept you, they imagine of getting exactly the person they read about on the admission essay. Don’t exaggerate with your positive characteristics, instead keep it real. Not real to a point where you only talk about your flaws. Mention your strong sides, but do it with the right words so that it does not sound like you’re bragging. Stay true to your age, you don’t have to pretend to be Shakespeare so that you can impress everyone. Not all are gifted in delivering the most artistic essay, and that’s not even the point of these admission papers.

Double Check It

Just writing and reading the college admission essay will not cut it. You need to double check it before sending it. No one likes grammar mistakes, especially when they come from a student to be. There are many free tools online that can help you check the vocabulary, grammar and even give you ideas when you need them. Don’t send anything without reading it word by word. Punctuation and diverse vocabulary can help a lot in showing that you are a precise and innovative person. If you have someone who is a professional and works in editing, ask for their help. That way you’ll know that you’re submitting the best version of your essay.

Be Careful With Jokes

Using witty sentences is always a good idea which can help you stand out from other students. But, you really have to be careful with jokes. There is no way to know who will be reading your admission essay. If you are at two completely different ages (and you will be), the chances are that you don’t laugh at the same things. Humor comes so very naturally to many people, and those are the ones who should add humor to their essay. If you have a really cool phrase that can fit into the paper, you can definitely use it. You’ll know by the reaction of the people from your family or friends who will read it before you send it.

Do Several Drafts

You don’t have to write the whole college admission essay all at once. It’s a very smart idea to start a few months ahead and write down all the ideas that you’ll get on paper in the form of drafts. When it’s time to put everything together you’ll have so much material to go through. This is a very natural and effortless way to write it, because when you sit down to do things you usually feel uninspired.

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