Ask Yourself These 10 Questions Before Leaving Your College

You were successful at getting through the awkward freshman year. Have fostered strong relationships with other college students who made your life at least bearable and fun-filled. You worked on your grades and finally, the time to face the real world is fast approaching.

Theirs is never a time like this when you will feel a combination of excitement and anxiety, at the thought of the future. You managed to finish your final essay with the help of professional paper writing Toronto. And now, it is time for the real thing.

Below is a collection of questions you should ask yourself, before graduating from college:

1. What is your plan for the Future?

There’s nothing wrong with living your life as each day comes. However, remember you aren’t the only one graduating. You have to think about what you want to do, after receiving your graduation certificate. What next?

2. What happens if you don’t land a job?

Yes, it’s time to get serious. No more partying day and night, and living off your student loan. The job search process won’t be easy for many of you. Will you be left complaining about how life is unfair?

3. Do you want a career?

The first full-time job you land may not be what you studied for? Gone are the days when you would climb the corporate ladder easily. You may have to try out different fields before you uncover your calling.

4. Should I delete that Facebook post?

How you portray yourself on online platforms will determine how others view you. Are you that obnoxious kid who doesn’t give a care to the world, and lives each day like it’s a party?

5. Should you change your drinking habits?

You could get away with attending lectures with a hangover. Get your assignment done by essay writing service Toronto. But when you start you 9 to 5, it won’t be cool to go to work like that.

6. Where will you live?

Some of your friends are already making plans for renting an apartment in town. You are not sure where to stay. You would like to maintain your freedom and privacy free from parents, but maybe home is where you need to be.

7. What about Grad School?

People around you are increasingly discussing grad school. For you, it has never crossed your mind. You have the option of getting experience before you go back for further studies.

8. Are you ready for a fresh start?

You have friends that have been part of your life throughout your college years. You have even dreamt of living together after college. But that’s not how life progresses. You will leave some and have to make new ones.

9. Do you need a closet upgrade?

Your sorority jacket will be for the lazy weekends. You need to invest in blazers, slacks, and button-down shirts that can last you a week. More so, depending on the career path that you would like to take.

10. How do other people afford what they have?

Well, it’s time to get your hands dirty and make a living. Find out the available income generating opportunities and make them count. The same way you did when looking for essay writing services.

If you are going to live on your own, they will be rent, food, shopping, etc. to factor into your earnings.


It is all about knowing what you need in “adulting” and how to transition into one. What is considered cool in college may have the opposite effect in the real world? Prepare yourself for this.


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